🇺🇸 The Ballad of el Goodo

1972, #1 Record- Big Star ,

songwriter:Alex Chilton , Chris Bell ,

what a beautiful chorus! 🎵

the Band had a short stint of 3〜4 years,

and , reunited in 1993′

〜🌿 67’ 🎵The Letter- Box Tops, 🎤Alex Chilton , it’s a hard to believe that he’s just 16 years old , a solid way to sing ❗

this song is sung by Joe Cocker ,

72’🎵the Ballad of el Goodo, he sings differently in this song , he grew into an attractive vocalist🎤 However, he passed away at the young age of 59 , (2010’)

he still has many enthusiastic fans.

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