Music Lovers: 🇭🇲what Do you Do for Money Honey

1980, Back in Black- AC/DC ,

songwriter:Malcolm young , Angus young,

80′ , Bon Scott passed away,

The Band worked through hardships with a new vocalist 🎤Brian Johnson ,

their sound was alive and well ,

their rock is straight and easy to convey,

🎸Angus , i like his guitar play 🎵

his characteristic guitar playing is to tremble his limbs and catch the rhythm,

his style of play captivates the audience🎵

☘️ i’m watching live video now ❗🐬

🎵 Highway to Hell , 🎤Bon Scott

ボン スコットが亡くなった後の、アルバムです、バンドは、悩んだ末に継続を決意し、新ボ-カリスト、ブライアン ジョンソンを迎え入れ、新アルバムを出し大ヒットします、ストレートなロックは健在です🎸


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