Music Lovers:🇺🇸Keep Searchin’(we’ll follow the Sun )

1965, Handy Man +One thousand six hundred sixty One seconds with Del Shannon – Del Shannon ,

songwriter:Del Shannon ,

Even here, falsetto singing is alive and well,

61′ 🎵 Runaway, 🎹 Max Crook, he was a pioneer in incorporating electronic sounds into the keyboard of pop song ,

〜🌿 63′ 🎵from me to you , The Beatles played this song in the Royal Albert Hall ,

he listened to the performance and liked this song , and he got permission to cover this song and went back to US to sing it🎤🎵

First time, Paul and John song enters US top 100 chart (77th-p),

it was six month later that the Beatles took off in America🎸

63’に、ロンドン公演に行った時、ビ−トルズと共演も行い、ビ−トルズが🎵From me to you を演奏した際に、この曲を気に入って、ジョンの許可をもらい、アメリカに帰り歌いました🎤

大ヒットはしませんでしたが、US チャ−ト77位と、ランクインし、ポール&ジョンの楽曲として、初めてUS チャ-ト100入りを果たしました🎵


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