Music Lovers :🇺🇸November Rain

1991, Use your Illusion Ⅰ- Guns N’ Roses ,

songwriter:Axl Rose, Saul Hudson ,

🎤Axl Rose , as a rock vocalist, he showed his lyrical side , the prototype of this song seems to have been made as a rock ballad of piano music in 1983′ ,

🎸 Slash (S.Hudson), his emotional guitar playing is amazing❗

the song was also arranged into a grand rock ballad,

🎵Live and let die ,

i never thought they would pick up a Paul &Wings’ song ,

you can see how they respect and like this song ,

この曲の、原型は83’に、アクセル ロ−ズがピアノ曲のロックバラードとして書いたらしいです、ロックボ-カリストとして、叙情的な面を表現した、パワーバラードの名曲です。スラッシュのレスポール サウンド🎸がまた、素晴らしい〜🎵

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