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2021, The Bridge- Sting,

songwriter:Gavin Brown, Gordon Sumner,

it’s a Sting’s ROCK🎵❗

his creative urges were undiminished ,

i was happy about that,

all his old fans would feel the same way,

it means a Bridge that connects all countries and individuals in the world during the pandemic , he reads the times accurately,

〜 Billy Joel also had an album with the same title ,

🎸Dominic Miller , he plays guitar on most of the songs,

🎵 if it’s love , the friendly, pop song are also nice , it’s also typical of him to put in a song like this to take a breather , i feel good whistling 🐬

and , he covers Otis Redding’s song( (Sittin’ on )the Dock of the Bay – Steve Cropper, Otis ) on this album,


パンデミックの中、人々を橋で繋ぐという、コンセプトをもって作られたアルバムです。 ビリージョエルにも同じタイトルのアルバムがありました、

オ−ティス レイディングのヒット曲のカバー等もあり、バラエティに富んだアルバムです🙀

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