Music Lovers:🇺🇸Favorite Song

2023, NAUJOUR- Toosii,

songwriter:Naujour Grainger, Adelso Sicaju, Tatiana Manaois ,

this song has a good sound and rhythm- (slow-tempo),

he’s a rapper for the times , and he’s fashionable, he looks good in Amiri’s denim❗

and , 🎤Tatiana Manaois , her background vocal are also soothing🎵

〜🌿2020, 🎵Euphoria- poetic pain ,

i can’t keep up with the extreme lyrics,

the lyrics are introspective and difficult,

but , Favorite song 🎵, i think i’ll like this song too 🐬

ゆったりしたリズムと、彼の歌声がグッドです、また、Tatiana のバッググラウンドボ-カルにも癒やされます🎵

3年程前の、Euphoria🎵のような曲は、歌詞が過激で、ついて行けませんが、この🎵Favorite song の様な歌は、良い感じです🎵🐬

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