Music Lovers :🇺🇸Long Train Runnin’

1973, The Captain and Me – The Doobie Brothers,

songwriter:Tom Johnston ,

at first, only the music was made, and it seems that it took about three years to write the lyrics,

🎸 there are many People who started playing the guitar because they admired the cutting- guitar at this beginning ,

Tiran Porter , his sound, which he joined as a bass player from the previous work is really good , the sound is stronger and funky ❗

🎵the chorus of this part (without lo〜ve)expresses the goodness of this Song 🎵

☘️ a train running on a long railway overlaps with life .

前作から加入した、べ−スのタイラン ポーターのプレイにより、サウンドがより力強く、ファンキーになった❗

ドゥービー ブラザーズの大ヒット曲です。

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