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2017, Funk Wav Bounces vol.1− Calvin Harris ft. Pharrell Williams , Katy Perry , Big Sean ,

songwriter:Adam Wiles (Calvin Harris), Pharrell Williams , * Maurice White ,

video in a compact studio is fun,

it is a video that you can enjoy as a reggae beat summer song 🏖️

sound like a EW&F song (🎵Let’s Groove),

with Harris’s guitar🎸in the background,

the three of them sing in a well-balanced manner ,

the appearance of Katy in Yellow clothes lying down and singing is also sexy and feels good🎵

🦜 a colorful parrot takes the rhythm to Sean’s Rap 🎵


曲調が、Let’s Groove (EW&F)に似てます、作曲のクレジットに、モ−リス ホワイトと記載されていて、納得🎵



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