Music Lovers :🇨🇦 Summer Paradise

2011, Get your Heart on ❕- Simple Plan,

songwriter:Emanuel ‘E’ Kiriakon , Pierre Bouvier , Charles-andre Comeau ,

a comfortable summer song with a reggae- like acoustic sound🎵 

i like Pierre’s singing and K’naan’s rap🎵

it was the first time they used rap in their songs ,

and this song has versions in collaboration with various artists, (feat. Sean Paul , Taka- One ok Rock),

〜🏖️ Love on a summer day, conversation on the beach , the sunset we saw together, i want to go back to those wonderful days , the lyrics are like that ,

everyone’s heart has an unforgettable summer day Love,

🎵recommended summer song❕

🏖️ ビ−チで二人、ぼんやり海をみつめた、一緒に見た夕日、夏の海ではしゃぐ人々〜

誰の心にも、忘れられない、夏の日の想い出があります 🎵🐬

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