Music Lovers :🇺🇸Summer’s here

1981, Dad Loves his work- James Taylor ,

songwriter :James Taylor ,

it is a relaxing song that makes you fell the beginning of Summer 🏝️

rubber sandals 🩴, straw hat 👒 , cold beer🍺,

Greg Fingers Taylor, i like his harmoniaca🎵🐬

夏のはじまりを感じる、リラックスソングです🎵 サンダル、麦わら帽子、冷たいビール🍺🎵🐬

☘️ episode , 60’〜, his tenure with the record company (Apple Records)was short – lived , but , he said it was a dream come true at the time to be able to debut on the same label as The Beatles ,

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