Music Loves:🇺🇸 Girls on the Beach

1964, All Summer long- Beach Boys ,

songwriter:Brian Wilson ,

🏖️ ‘‘ how we love to lie around 🎵 ’’

the sun , the blue sky and the sea , and melody of the Beach Boys ,

before the sun sets , lying on the beach in summer and looking at girls and couples

make me smile 🎵

〜🌿 this album was released after the British whirlwind , and the hit (🎵i get around ) became a stepping stone to success ,

it was also around this time that their father was fired ,

🏖️ 夏の浜辺で、横たわって、女のコや、カップルを眺めているだけで、いい気分〜 そして、ビーチ ボーイズの音楽🎵🐬

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