🇺🇸Look at me now

2013, Ego- Charlie Puth ,

songwriter:Charlie Puth ,

it’s a song for his friends who looked down on him , the melody is a bright and poignant song 🎵❗

‘‘ i hope you open up〜🎵’’ the falsetto in this part is nice🎤🎵

〜☘️ he loves this song (i heard it through the grapevine – Marvin Gaye )

he creates pop songs based on R&B,

☘️ 過去に、自分を見下した仲間や、振り向いてもくれなかった女のコに対して、

🎵今の僕を見てごらん❗成功を手に入れて、君達とは違う世界にいるんだよ❗ と


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