🇺🇸 Gimme the Goods

1977, Down two then left – Boz Scaggs ,

songwriter:Michael Omartian , Boz Scaggs,

he sings a little hard in this song 🎤

listening to it on the beach in the summer under the scorching sun would be nice again ,

🎸Steve Lukather 🥁 Jeff Porcaro ,

their sound is technical❗🎵 the following year , they made their official debut as ‘ ToTo ,

〜 this album , as a single song, there are no songs that stand out compared to the previous work, but there are many soulful songs ,


この曲の、ギターのスティーブ ルカサーとドラムのポーカロは、翌年、ToToとして、本格デビューを果たします,

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