🇯🇲 Satisfy my Soul

1978, Kaya – Bob Marley & the Wailers ,

songwriter:Bob Marley ,

in this album, harmony and peace are sung , he didn’t always sing about politics sometimes he genuinely enjoys music , but he always sang some kind of inspirational song to poor , he was like a rainbow after the rain for the socially disadvantaged,

fans who were expecting a song with a strong political message like the previous one were disappointed ,

the songs were written at the same time as the previous album, so political songs and purely enjoyable music coexisted in him,

☘️originally, reggae is music that cries for hope , and rebellious music .

このアルバムは、前作のような社会的なメッセージソングが、影を潜め、調和的な歌が多いです、失望したファンもいましたが、 常に、社会的に弱い立場の人々へ、希望とインスピレーションを与えた歌を歌いました。彼の中には、強いメッセージ性と、純粋に楽しめる音楽性とが、共存していた🐬

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