🇯🇲 Do the Reggay

1994, Do the Reggae 1966- 70 – Toots and the Maytals ,

songwriter:Frederick T, Hibbert ,


‘Reggae’ – etymology ,

some says that the word ‘Reggae’ is derived from the rhythm of dance (rege〜,❗rege〜❕)

there is also a theory that the etymology is derived from the Patois−(jamaican English) word  ‘quarrel’-( rege, rege),

and (streggae =convenient woman), and regular people,

there are various theories about the etymology ,

the people, who had many hardships, distracted themselves by dancing🎵

〜☘️ レゲエ音楽の、レゲエという言葉の由来は諸説ありますが、スラングで、convenient womanを‘streggae’と呼んでいたことと、貧困な人々を、regular people と表現していて、その事を歌詞にして歌っていた事が、Reggae musicと呼ばれる様になったという説があるようです🎵🐬

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