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1975 , Adventures in Paradise- Minnie Riperton ,

songwriter:Richard Rudolph, Leon Ware , Minnie Riperton ,

It is a singing voice that makes you feel the spirit ,

produced by Larry Carlton, she sings with a fusion sound in the background, and her singing voice is soulful and wonderful🎤🎵

she not only had a high- pitched singing voice, but also a mellow and soulful singing voice ,

she was a singer who could be more active in the future, but she couldn’t beat the illness,

〜🌿 Stevie Wonder took notice of her singing voice even when she was not selling as a singer, and he produced album ‘ Perfect Angel’ , among them , song 🎵Lovin’ you ’ surprised soul fans all over the world ,

76′ she got cancer ,

while she was battling cancer, Stevie visited and encouraged her ,

when i hear the story of the interaction between the two , my heart hurts with sadness ,

プロデューサーに、ラリー カールトンを迎え、フュージョンサウンドをバックに歌う彼女は、精霊に話しかけている様な歌声です。


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