🇨🇦 Harvest Moon

1992′ , Harvest Moon- Neil Young ,

songwriter:Neil Young ,

this song is about his undying love for his wife .  Ben Keith’s steel guitar is also nice🎵

listening to this song while pondering the lyrics , makes me feel calm and smiling 🐬

i like waching old couples dancing slowly in the dance hall 🎵

‘ getting older isn’t a bad thing ’ he teaches us that with his singing and guitar🎸🎤

this album was released 20 years after that time (1972′ , Harvest )

🌿 he is a legendary singer who sings song s with folk and Country elements with his own sensibility🎸

72′ , アルバム Harvest から、20年経った頃の作品です🎵彼の妻への感謝と、変わらぬ愛を歌ってます、そして、 円熟した彼が、私達に歌いかけてくれます🎸 歳を重ねる事は、悪いことじゃない🎵と

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