🇬🇧 Cadence and Cascade

1970 , In the wake of Poseidon- King Crimson,

songwriter:Robert Fripp , Peter john Sinfield ,

🎤Gordon Haskell , 🎹 Keith Tippett , flute-Mel Collins ,

It’s a quiet , folk-like song , and the flute tone is beautiful 🎵the lyrics are cryptic,

are the two courtesans groupies ?

purred〜🎵 for just a moment , the image overlapped with the song(🎵here there and everywhere- Beatles  ) .

🌿 this album consists of temporary collection of members, at this time, even Greg Lake joined, although he was not an official member,

Robert Fripp managed to make an album.

詩人でもある、ピーター シンフィールドの歌詞が難解だ、二人の遊女は、いわゆるグルーピーの事だろうか?

メル コリンズのフルートが、ジャズのフルート奏者、ジョーファレルの演奏と重なった🎵

また、purred🎵〜のところで、ほんの一瞬だけ、ビートルズの、here there and everywhereを連想してしまった🐬


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