🇺🇸The Lady wants to know

1977, Sleeping Gypsy- Michael Franks ,

songwriter:Michael Franks ,

passing summer〜🏖️, a relaxing sunset 〜

i’m healed by his singing voice and Brecker’s saxophone🎵🐬

🎷Michael Brecker , he play the saxophone, adapted to the song , again , his play wonderful🎵

he is a versatile saxophone player , participating not only in jazz but also in albums by rock artists (S&G , Billy Joel , Frank Zappa , etc)

his performance in this song(🎵tell her about it – An innocent man, Billy joel) is good🎵🐬

夏の終わりには、ゆったりとした、メロウな曲が、聴きたくなります、マイケル フランクスの歌声と、ブレッカーのサックスに、癒やされます〜🎵🐬

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