🇺🇸Rich Men North of Richmond

2023, Rich men north of Richmond- Oliver Anthony ,

songwriter:Christopher Anthony Lunsford

i hope that the message will be amplified , diffused , and echoed as the sound emitted from the resonator guitar is amplified ,

until now, Bob Dylan , Bruce Springsteen ,etc . have sung many anti-establishment songs , however , this kind of song must be sung by everyone, not just one person ,

and, Oliver Anthony ,

it’s about him being wise , there will be no such thing as being swayed by the music industry .

今まで、ボブ ディランや、スプリングスティーン、U2 等、多くのミュージシャンが反体制的な歌を歌ってきたが、もっと多くの人々が、声を上げる事になれば、未来は明るい。

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