🇺🇸 HalfCrazy

2002, Juslisen- Musiq Soulchild ,

songwriter:Carvin Haggins , Francis Lai ,

Ivan o. Barias, Taalib Johnson ,

this philly Soul sample of Francis’s beautiful music (🎵vivre pour vivre) is stunning,

in love, when you take a step foward , new troubles increase and become painful,

the pain of love is sung with Francis Lai’s music in the background ,

and , in this album, 🎵MotherFather ,

i was moved by his honest and deep lyrics of gratitude towards his parents ,

he is a excellent Soul artist🎤🎵

フランシス レイの、せつなく美しい曲(映画:パリのめぐり逢いの主題歌)をサンプリングした、このフィリー ソウルは見事です🎤🎵


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