🇺🇸 Endless Summer Nights

1987, Richard Marx- Richard Marx ,

songwriter:Richard Marx ,

this song makes you feel nostalgic, reminding you of the love of summer day gone by , which is in everyone’s heart ,

‘‘ somehow the city doesn’t look the same ’’ 

depending on your mental state ,

the familiar city may look different ,

it’s a good lyrics🎵

his singing and 🎷Dave Koz’s saxophone reminds me of summer gone by 〜🐬

〜🌿 he was recognized by Lionel Richie and entered the world of music ,

2006′ , he joined the band (Ringo Starr &his All-Starr Band) with Hamish Stuart (bass), Sheila . E et al ,





2006′ には、Ringo Starr & his all- Starr Band, にも参加して活躍しました。

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