🇺🇸 A String of Pearls

1944 A String of Pearls , 2005 , the best of Glenn Miller – Glenn Miller Orchestra ,

1941 , songwriter:Eddie Delange , Jerry Gray,

Alex Kramer,

this song contains plenty of swing jazz elements, and the elegant and sophisticated melody will delight listeners 🎵🐬

he is the World’s most famous trombonist and BandMaster,

Great jazzman who died at the young ege of 40,

〜🌿 there are various theories as to the cause of his death ,

During World War Ⅱ, he was actively performing moral-boosting concerts for soldiers in the United States Army Air forces,

his young brother Herb Miller claimed ‘ my brother died of lung cancer in a military hospital ,

it is also said that the cause was a malfunction in the airplanes carburetor ,

the cause of his death was that the Norseman-plane he was on board was hit by a dropped bomb from a British Lancaster plane and crashed , there is a strong theory that .

グレンミラー楽団の、インザ ムードや、ムーンライト セレナーデとならぶ、ヒット曲です🎵 上品で洗練された、スイングジャズの名曲です🎵🐬

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