🇭🇲 6.8 Shaker

1994, Passages- Frank GamBale,

songwriter:Frank GamBale, Otmaro Ruiz ,

this song has a strong Rock tone and is melodious, and, a good feel to it , with Ruiz’s hammond organ and his guitar playing ,

he is a technician who can pick the guitar quickly and in one direction(picking🎸)

🎵white room, this song is a cover of the Cream .

フュージョンギタリストの中でも、スウィープ奏法( ギターのピッキングにおいて、一方向に速く弾く、 down- down- up , up- up- down等)の名手として知られる、チックコリアも認めた、スーパギタリストです🎸

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