🇯🇲 Give me A Try

2003 , Rise to the Occasion- Sizzla , songwriter:Miguel Collins , Daniel Lewis, Donovan Bennett, his falsetto voice singing with the same chords in the background is good❗ that beat isn’t just reggae, i feel various roots in his songs, 〜☘️🎵 nah apologize, in his songs, there are songs critical of minorities , but it isContinue reading “🇯🇲 Give me A Try”

Music Loves:🇻🇬 There you are

2009, Replay- Iyaz , songwriter:Keidran Jones(Iyaz), Jonathan Rotem , the repeating piano is a momentary love song 🎵 i like this part of the lyrics ‘‘ turns out you were the only one that stood by me ’’ good ballad song🎵 〜Tortola🏝️, he grew up with musician parents, the island where he grew up seems toContinue reading “Music Loves:🇻🇬 There you are”