alternative rock piano pop pop

Music Lovers:🇨🇦Best of me

2008, Under the Radar- Daniel Powter ,

songwriter:Kara Dioguardi , Daniel Powter ,

it's a good Ballad song 🎵 

he's a nice guy piano man who looks good in a knit hat 🎹

he seems to have learned to play the violin as a young Child ,

he failed to study solfege at college of Music , and he had his own piano style🎹

🌿2005' 🎵Bad day, even if today is a bad day , there is tomorrow , his songs have the power to make People feel positive,

in fact , somehow i'm feeling better🎵🐬

there are many other songs by him,

🎵free loop , it's a good song too ❗

大ヒット曲の、Bad day の他にも、バラード等、いい曲があります。


-alternative rock, piano pop, pop

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