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Music Lovers:🇺🇸Marry you

2010, Doo-wops & Hooligans - Bruno Mars ,

songwriter:Philip Lawrence, Ari Levine ,

Hernandes Peter Gene,

this song is a light proposal song ,

but , lyrics not suitable for weddings,

‘‘ if we wake up and you wanna break up that's cool ’’ ‘‘ it was fun girls ’’

but, when he sings it feels me with excitement,

〜🏝️ growing up in musical family environment, Music(pop,soul,reggae,etc〜)accumulated in his body and exploded , this album is that explosion ,

he suddenly appeared brilliantly.

明るく、気分がウキウキする、プロポーズソングです🎵 しかし、結婚式で歌うには、少し、ふさわしく無い歌詞の部分もあります、 



かるい〜 、もう少し、しっかりしてちょうだい〜😺

-pop, Reggae, soul,pop,R&B

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