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2014, X - ED Sheeran,

songwriter :ED Sheeran , Amy Wadge,

no matter when i listen to it , it enters my body , i feel universality in his songs, and

his Song comforts the loneliness of the times 🎵

on stage, he plays the guitar with loop- pedal−effector , (one person two roles), his pedal timing is delicate and skillful,

〜🌿episode , when he was just starting out ,

Elton John discovered his talent,

genius knows genius🎵

彼は、ステージで、ループ ペダルを使いこなし演奏します。その場で演奏を録音し、すぐ再生して、多重演奏します、ペダルのタイミングが繊細かつ、上手です🎸🎵

-alternative rock, folk, pop, pop

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