electro-pop, synthesizer-pop,dance pop reggae

Music Lovers :🇩🇰Sunshine Reggae

1982, Keep Smiling - Laid Back ,

songwriter:John Guldberg , Tim Stahl,

this song is a relaxing white reggae classic,  simple lyrics and sound are really comfortable 🎵🏖️

☘️〜 70'〜80' , they played on the opening act for the Kinks in the band (Starbox Band),

however, the performance was unpopular and the band broke up ,

and the two then remained and formed a pop group as a duo .

シンプルな歌詞とレゲエビ−トが、リラックスさせてくれます、 80年代に活躍したエレクトロ ポップ デュオです🎵

-electro-pop, synthesizer-pop,dance pop, reggae

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