folk, pop reggae

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2009, Anuhea- Anuhea ,

songwriter:Anuhea Jenkins,

she's a beautiful singer who won second place in the Miss-Maui contest🫅🏝️

her mame-Anuhea , it means ‘ cool breeze, scent ’ in Hawaiian ,  it's just her voice🎵

when she composes , does she model the song on the ukulele ?

all songs are comfortable songs with a gentle reggae beat that retains the simplicity of the ukulele🎵

彼女は、ミスマウイ コンテストで準優勝した経歴をもつ、ナチュラルビューティーな、ハワイ出身のシンガーです🏝️

名前の、Anuhea は、ハワイ語で、涼しげな風(香り)といった意味があるそうです、


-folk, pop, reggae

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