🇺🇸 Right Off

1971, Jack Johnson- Miles Davis , this album is the soundtrack for a documentary film about black Boxers Jack Johnson , this album was created with Teo Macero’s editing , the result is a sound source that his fans can enjoy , 🎸John McLaughlin is playing funky rhythm guitar , and, Herbie Hancoch’s 🎹 participationContinue reading “🇺🇸 Right Off”


1979, Spirits Having Flown – Bee Gees , songwriter:Barry , Robin , Maurice Gibb , the lyrics of this song are about feelings of loneliness and sadness , but the melody is pop with a catchy melody , it’s a number with contrasting lyrics and melody, even after disco boom, they maintained their solid musicalityContinue reading “🇭🇲Tragedy”

🇺🇸 Move it on over

1947 , 40 Greatest Hits(78), Hank Williams- Hank Williams , songwriter:Hank Williams , this song is a pop song from when he was 24 years old , the birth of Rock’n’ Roll 🎵 1949′ ,  i’m so lonesome i could cry , Elvis said this ‘ this song is the saddest song i know ’  hisContinue reading “🇺🇸 Move it on over”

🇺🇸 Drown in my own tears

1956 , Hallellujah I Love her so (57)-Ray Charles , songwriter:Henry B. Glover , the original version of this song was sung by female singer Lula Reed (I’ll drown in my tears) in 1951′ , Ray’s piano and singing reach deep into my heart , this song is about a sad heartbreak , but hearing hisContinue reading “🇺🇸 Drown in my own tears”

🇭🇲 6.8 Shaker

1994, Passages- Frank GamBale, songwriter:Frank GamBale, Otmaro Ruiz , this song has a strong Rock tone and is melodious, and, a good feel to it , with Ruiz’s hammond organ and his guitar playing , he is a technician who can pick the guitar quickly and in one direction(picking🎸) 🎵white room, this song is aContinue reading “🇭🇲 6.8 Shaker”

🇺🇸 Murder Most Foul

2020, Rough and Rowdy ways – Bob Dylan, songwriter:Bob Dylan , In 1960′ Jhon .F. Kennedy defeated Nixon in the United States Presidential election in an extremely close race , ‘‘ Ask not what your Country can do for you , Ask what you can do for your Country  ’’  i later heard the speech ,Continue reading “🇺🇸 Murder Most Foul”