🇺🇸 Same old Story

1979,  journey through 〜 The Secret life of Plants-  Stevie Wonder,

Ben Bridges  , Michael Sembello,

that’s guitar Sound is so good🎵

when listening to his music,  like coming down from heaven,  i’m touched and tears overflow,

〜 Ancient Times〜

cherish and worship to Plants🌳🪴

this non- commercial album,

i believe it is  his  masterpiece🎵🐬

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Ashes to Ashes

1980,  Scary Monsters- David Bowie,

major Tom (space addity),

he once again introduced a fictional character, what did he want to express?  it’s kind of  ironic to humankind,  is major Tom himself ?

Sound: Chuck Hammer🎸🎵synthe- guitar  guitarchitecture,


the Sound  creates a dramatic song ,

and  ,  the funky bass feels good🎵❗

it’s a good Sound and dramatic melody🎵

where is his Soul now ?

the truth is also hidden in the joke,





🇺🇸 Traitor

2021,  Sour- Olivia Rodrigo,

‘ you were already in Love with her when you  were dating me ? ’

🎵 she sings like a mutter, and powefully,  many women sympathize with her broken heart song ,

indeed,  this 2021 album is a ‘ Surprise ❗🎵’

〜 Disney Channel,  i have never seen the show,  so i would like to see it once❗〜

Olivia 🎤🎵

Great expressiveness ❗







🇺🇸 Painter song

2002,  Come away with me- Nora Jones,

her singing voice touches the heartstrings quietly and  modestly,

no longer,    it’s a non- genre🎵

like  Joni Mitchell,

her father is a famous sitar-player

Ravi Shankar, her childhood musical environment is special🎵

she  probably got into her current style by touching various music,

she is a very attractive Singer🎵🐬




🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Lovely Rita

1967, Sgt. Peppert’s lonely hearts club Band- THE Beatles,

it’s a concept album so, i can’t talk about it with just one song,

the lyrics are  playful,  but , it’s pop

that song,  it’s so Paul🎵

Lennon’s  back chorus stands out ❗🎵 and  tonk-style piano🎹is good🎵🐬

🇺🇸 I Drove all night

1989,  A night to remember- Cyndi Lauper,

this song was  written to Roy Orbison by Billy Steinberg , Tom Kelly,

well,  how does she express it ?

this album is so good, participating musicians are gorgeous,

🎤Cyndi,  the expressiveness of  her song is  amazing🎵❗

drums- Steve Ferrone ,  Joe Bellia,

the Sound of  the drum is  three – dimensional in studio🎵

it’s a good Sound🎵🐬