🇺🇸🎤Billy Eckstine

🎵in the still of the night,

I like his sweet voice🎤 he sings sweetly in the voice of bass bariton,

he sometimes sings like a baritone opera singer, he played an active part with Dizzy Gillespie and others in the transition from 🎵 swing to bebop,🎵

unfortunately, I never saw the performance in japan, I wanted to hear the singing voice live,

Sir Duke🎵

🇺🇸 key of life- Stevtie Wonder,1976

🎵Sir duke, hymn to music❗️

🎵they can fell it all over people🎵

🎹Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Glenn Miller ,🎺Louis Armstrong, 🎤Ella Fitzgerald, Stevtie made people think of the greatness of the predecessor jazzmen, Duke Ellington, 🎵Caravan, take the ‘A’ train, satin doll, that’s great standard🎵 he is not the only great musician, he also opened the way to life with music,

Stevtie sincerely praised them🎶❗️❗️

he is a great musician who never forgets his respect for his predecessors.


care🎵 music play, を聴いてます、井上陽水さん、遊んでます😊 care🎵はレゲエビートの夏の雰囲気イッパイの楽しい曲です、スニーカー ダンサーの、🎵なぜか上海の歌詞にでてくる、お嬢さん達への表現と同様に、いつもの様に、シニカルで、完全に遊んでます🎵しかし、音作りは、mix engineerの阿部幸介さんはじめ、べ-スの、なかむら しょ-こさん、コ-ラスの方々、皆さん、さすがです🎵music playは、奥田民生さんのguitar,bass&drumsと、クレジットされてます、奥田民生さん、ドラムも、叩くんですか?多才です❗️🎵key&programmingの、斎藤有太さんの、鍵盤の、控え気味の音の少なさが、見事です🎵🐬


1975, toys in the attic, it’s a unified and easy-to-listen album🎵 sweet emotion, J.Perry🎸 the sound of using effectors is interesting,🎵no more no more, I felt *Elvis* in his singing voice🎵❗️🎤it’s 🎵jailhouse rock❗️ walk this way🎸, at that time of junior high school, I was blown away by the rhythm of the beginning❗️J. perry and Bradley Whitford, the guitar sound of the two is the best🎸❗️it’s a good sound that is covered and deserved,

Steven Tyler🎤the best rock vocalist❗️toy in the attic~ you see me crying🎵this album, I listened to it all at once❗️❗️



いきものがかり、の 🎵ふたり、を聴いてます、vocal吉岡聖恵さんは、歌も上手いし、表現力が素晴らしいです🎵水野良樹さんの、曲と詞も、素晴らしいです🐬 🎵YELL も詞と曲のバランスが素晴らしいです、全ての曲が、恋愛の歌でも、何かのメッセージ ソングとなっている曲作りが、素晴らしいです。カバー曲等では🎵クラシックを取り上げている事から、Judy&mary 等を聴いて育った世代だとおもいます、自身の歌の様に、見事に歌ってます🎵sakura, は名曲です、

夢をもっていた学生時代に、傷ついたり、ほろ苦い感情を味わった人々に、エ-ルとメッセージを送り続けている様な、曲が多いです🎵ス-パ- グループです🐬

🇺🇸Billy Joel


An innocent man, 🎵easy money, it’s good number like J.Brown, 🎵 the longest time, it’s a good song,I want to have this kind of romance,🎵 this night, the melody that connectqts to *Piano sonata 8* is wonderful,he is a genius melody maker,🎹🎵uptown girl, this is also a pop and fun number,

🎵keeping the faith, guitar and saxophone and keyboard, each is a great number🎵this song is an

encouraging message song,