🇺🇸 Summer Nights🎵

1978, musical movie- Grease,

I Like this song🎵

the scene where she skips with the girls is wonderful❗️🎵

it’s a musical with all the famous songs, the musical story is completely different, but, why I am, I overlap with George Chakiris in ‘ West side Story ’ when I see John Travolta in ‘ Grease ’

🎵tears on my pillow- Sha na na,

it’s a nice Band🎸 that tells us about american Rock’n’ roll and pop in the good times,

American musical movie is the Best❗️❗️🐬 I pay tribute to the Creators.

🇯🇵 小麦色のマ-メイド🎵

1982, 小麦色のマ-メイド- 松本隆 , 呉田軽穂

松田聖子さんの 夏ソング、小麦色のマ-メイドはいい曲です🎵🐬


🎵小麦~ 色なの~

嘘よ~ 本気よ~

好きよ~ 嫌いよ

エンディングの、嫌いよ🎵の、‘ よ ’の余韻を残す様な歌い方は、ふつうのアイドル歌手👩‍🎤が歌うと、上手く表現しにくいと、思います🎵 イントロのアレンジから、エンディングまで、この曲の世界観をつくった、松本隆さんやユ-ミンさん、アレンジャ-の方々も見事ですが、この曲を魅力的に歌いこなす、松田聖子さんは流石です🎵❗️🐧

🇺🇸 🎵My Grandfather’s Clock

1876, my grandfather’s clock- Henry Clay Work, it’s a song that I remember when I was 5, 6 yeas old,

when I was kid, my old sister liked this song and sang it a lot, she worked hard to sing and listen to this song to her younger brother,

my beloved sister died of illness in her thirties, when listening to this wonderful american nursery rhyme,

when I remember when my old sister was young, tears overflowed.

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 And I love her🎵

1964, 🎵 a hard day’s night- the Beatles, I love this song🐬🎵

it’s a beautiful and pure love song❗️

George’s acoustic guitar is amazing, and sound of the Ringo’s bongo is good,❗️

“ and I love her~” ‘ and ’ , the lyrics are good sense with an extra syllable❗️

it’s a masterpiece in Beatles song🎵

🇺🇸 🎵I didn’t know what time it was

1982,crazy and mixed up- Sarah Vaughan,

Roland Hanna- piano,🎹

Joe Pass- guitar🎸

the performers and Sarah’s Vocals are perfect match❗️🎵

🎵 Autumn leaves,

Orignally, she is not a scat for sale,

but she is showing off a stunning scat here,🎵 and Joe Pass’s guitar, it’s a amazing❗️🐬

even in the front of the second half, he

has not forgotten that vocals are the protagonist role,

the performers and Sarah’s vocals are perfect match❗️🐬