🇺🇸 It’s been Awhile

2001, Break the Cycle- Staind ,

songwriter :Aaron Lewis , J. April , Mike Mushok , J. Wysocki ,

Aaron🎤, his songs, sung with an acoustic guitar , touch your heart ,

this song gives hope and empathy to people who have suffered from various addictions ,

following their previous hit single (🎵suffocate , just Go – Dysfunction) ,

this song became a hit , cementing their popularity ,

even if their songs are heavy, they have attractive lyrics that appeal to the listener,



🇺🇸 Heartless

2008, 808s&Heartbreak- Kanye West ,

songwriter:Kanye West , Ernest Wilson,

Scott Mescudi , Malik Jones ,

he , who is always bullish, sings with a rare sentimentality ,

i like the animated music-videos directed by Hype Williams ,

the lyrics of many hiphop songs are simple, but he sings and expresses delicate lyrics by setting them to R&B and hiphop rhythms ,

this song is a backing arrangement that quotes the Alan Parsons Project’s tune (🎵Ammonia Avenue) ,

〜☘️ hiphop artists such as🎤Drake have watched his back and been influenced by him.



バックのアレンジは、the Alan Parsons Project の🎵Ammonia Avenue からの引用です。

🇺🇸 Right Off

1971, Jack Johnson- Miles Davis ,

this album is the soundtrack for a documentary film about black Boxers Jack Johnson ,

this album was created with Teo Macero’s editing ,

the result is a sound source that his fans can enjoy ,

🎸John McLaughlin is playing funky rhythm guitar ,

and, Herbie Hancoch’s 🎹 participation on the organ plays an effective role is this electric sound ,

🥁 Billy Cobham , the drummer , responded by changing the way he played the drums during the performance ,

soprano saxophone , Steve Grossman ,

the soprano-sax solo is also worth listening to ,

bass- Michael Henderson , (Michael, Steve) those two were young players around 20 years old at the time ,

〜🎺 Miles improvised this rock sound , however , he didn’t continue this style for long after that , this is a scene from his constantly changing life ,


1979, Spirits Having Flown – Bee Gees ,

songwriter:Barry , Robin , Maurice Gibb ,

the lyrics of this song are about feelings of loneliness and sadness , but the melody is pop with a catchy melody ,

it’s a number with contrasting lyrics and melody,

even after disco boom, they maintained their solid musicality and brought the Bee Gees sound to the world ,

fans of the Bee Gees since their early days were reminded once again that the Bee Gees were amazing ,

that falsetto chorus is the best in pop history, in particular , Barry’s singing voice is amazing🎤🎵

〜☘️ when i first heard (🎵first of May) ,

it felt like time had stopped and i was moved☘️🐬


Spirits Having Flownは、大ヒットの、サタデーナイトフィーバーの後も、ビージーズのしっかりした音楽性を示した、アルバムです。

🇺🇸 Yesterdays

1954, Helen Merrill – Helen Merrill ,

songwriter:jerome Kern , Otto Harbach ,

musical – Roberta (1933),

🎺 Clifford Brown , 🎹 Jimmy Jones ,

double- Bass- Oscar Pettiford ,

she was 24 years old at the time , and her singing voice has the dignity of a mature adult woman ,

Clifford on the trumpet is Great, he plays amazingly , but he never interferes with her singing , which is amazing ,

and Jimmy on the piano plays well too ,

and Quincy Jones’ arrangement is wonderful, he is an arranger who can create catchy sound ,



トランペットの、クリフォード ブラウンが全面的に、参加してます、スタンダードナンバーの 🎵you’d be so nice to come home to における、彼女との演奏は、特に有名です🎵

アレンジャーの、クインシー ジョ−ンズも若干21才、 この頃から、キャッチーな音作りができる才能は、流石です、

ジャズボーカル アルバムの名盤です。


🇺🇸 Move it on over

1947 , 40 Greatest Hits(78), Hank Williams- Hank Williams ,

songwriter:Hank Williams ,

this song is a pop song from when he was 24 years old ,

the birth of Rock’n’ Roll 🎵

1949′ ,  i’m so lonesome i could cry ,

Elvis said this ‘ this song is the saddest song i know ’ 

his songs have been covered by various artists , Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, etc ,

i was especially move by this song that Elvis sang on stage 🎤,

🇺🇸 Drown in my own tears

1956 , Hallellujah I Love her so (57)-Ray Charles ,

songwriter:Henry B. Glover ,

the original version of this song was sung by female singer Lula Reed (I’ll drown in my tears) in 1951′ ,

Ray’s piano and singing reach deep into my heart ,

this song is about a sad heartbreak , but hearing his voice makes me feel calm ,

he was influenced by Charles Brown’s blues ,

the soul, gospel , and blues music that flows through his body brings peace and excitement to those who listen to it ,

この曲のオリジナルは、レイ チャールズが発表する、5年程まえ、女性歌手のルラ リードによって歌われました、

失恋ソングですが、レイ チャールズのピアノとソウルフルな歌声は、温かい気持ちにさせてくれます🎵

🇺🇸 You were there

1989, Sammy Davis jr . 60TH Anniversary ,

songwriter:Michael Jackson ,

Michael expressed his utmost respect and gratitude to his great predecessor who paved the way for him, and he sang ,

when the Sammy heard that song ,

he cried ,

and my cheeks got wet as i watched that touching song and Sammy staring at Michael’s singing,

and , Stevie was encouraged by this song 🎵I’ve gotta be me ’he sang ,

Sammy Davis jr , he could sing , tap dance , talk , skit , and do it all , and he was top-notch at it all ,

there is no singer who is better suited to the word ‘entertainer’ then him ,

〜🌿 at that time , racism in american was probably beyond my imagination,

at first, he wasn’t even allowed to stand on stage , and when he was finally able to perform on stage , he was not even allowed to stay at the hotel where he was performing ,

he continued to fight against various forms of discrimination against him and achieved glory ,

this is no ordinary matter,

☘️ my memory〜 , he appeared in a commercial for japanese whiskey maker and was very well received ,

and i like this soulful song 🎵time to ride🎤

he is a Great entertainer🎩

サミー デイビス ジュニアの60周年記念パーティでの、マイケル ジャクソンが歌った、you were there に涙が溢れました。

日本では、サントリーウィスキー、ホワイトのCMでお馴染みの、世界のエンターテイナー、サミー デイビス ジュニアです。







1972’s US Billboard, 10 Hit Chart ,

1 . The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face – Roberta Flack .

2 . American Pie – Don McLean .

3 . I Can See Clearly Now – Johnny Nash .

4 . Lean On Me – Bill Withers .

5 . Alone Again (Naturally)- Gilbert O’Sullivan .

6 . Without You – Harry Nilsson .

7 . Let’s Stay Together – Al Green .

8 . Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl)-

Looking Glass .

9 . Oh Girl – The Chi- Lites .

10 . The Candy Man – Sammy Davis jr .

🐰 which song do you like ❔

〜☘️ in addition to these tops songs ,

there are many Hit songs , please tell us

Your favorite song from 1 9 7 2 🎵

上位の曲以外でも、1972′ の想い出の曲があれば教えてください🎵(邦楽でもOKです)☘️