🇺🇸 Morning in Rio

2008,  The Spice of life- Earl Klugh,

it is a work of his later years,

this is a mature sound🎵

fingerstyle picking,  guitar tone played with fingers without using a pick,

How soft sound❗🎵

a guitarist who can express the deep taste of  acoustic guitar❗

the  sound is totally non- aggressive and warm🎵🐬

his album never gets tired of listening to it all day long🎵🐬🏖️

🇺🇸 Havona

1977,  Heavy Weather-  Weather Report, Jaco,  It’s a Music with the best solo part and overall balance🎵 his base play is really incredible❗🎸

soprano- sax,  Wayne Shorter,  the performance of the two is wonderful🎵❗

🎵birdland ,  The Manhattan Transfer,  familiar with their hit🎵i find myself humming along🎵



🇺🇸 Under the Boardwalk

1964,  Under the Boardwalk- The  Drifters ,  songwriter:Arthur Resnick ,  Kenny young,

i like this song🎵

a place where lovers have good time🧋🥤🎵

the lyrics were a bit racy and modified,

this song is covered by  Stones🎤🎸(12 ✕ 5),  〜 and   japanese artists too 🎵 by  憂歌団(yukadan), it’s my favorite blues band 🎵🎸🐬

it’s a song of youth that makes you fell excited🎵🏖️

Asiatic Raes

1956,  Newk’s Time-  Sonny Rollins,

songwriter- Kenny Dorham,

🥁 Philly Joe Jones,  wonderful🎵❗

Miles Davis Quintet, Drummer❗

Rollins ad lib and his drumming is the best❗🎵🐬 african- mood🎵

i love this feeling🎵🐬


🇺🇸 Everybody’s talkin’

 move- Midnight Cowboy 69′      1968,69   Aerial Ballet- Harry Nilsson,

66, Fred Neil🎵

opening theme original sound track- John Barry,

harmonica-  Toots Thielemans, the harmonica melody is sad 🎵

at first it seems  that the creator had asked  Bob Dylan for the theme song,

when i first saw that movie,  i didn’t understand the story,  but  after grew up,  i could understand the melancholy and sadness,

the song-country style neutralizes the sadness🎵

Dustin Hoffman,  How about his acting❗

Jon Voight, he came out of the country to the city dreaming of success,

he also has a good redneck feel,

It’s the most difficult place to succeed in every field , whether It’s a business or not ,

New York ,  the toughest City❗

〜 It’s a movie with  melancholy and lingering〜

premier movie🐬


🇺🇸 Starfish and Coffee

1986,  Sign ”o” the times- Prince,

it seems that the lyrics were about the classmates of the band’s younger sister,   Cynthia Rose,  is she a different from others,  but has  a special talent ?

All the kids have some talent🎨⚽🎸🤹🚵🥯🪡🌳⛷️🪐🧑‍🎓🏌️🍳🐨🚣🥝🍦🎵🌷

it’s a lovely song,  but  the melody is still created by a genius🎸

he may have overlapped himself with the child🎵