🇺🇸 HalfCrazy

2002, Juslisen- Musiq Soulchild ,

songwriter:Carvin Haggins , Francis Lai ,

Ivan o. Barias, Taalib Johnson ,

this philly Soul sample of Francis’s beautiful music (🎵vivre pour vivre) is stunning,

in love, when you take a step foward , new troubles increase and become painful,

the pain of love is sung with Francis Lai’s music in the background ,

and , in this album, 🎵MotherFather ,

i was moved by his honest and deep lyrics of gratitude towards his parents ,

he is a excellent Soul artist🎤🎵

フランシス レイの、せつなく美しい曲(映画:パリのめぐり逢いの主題歌)をサンプリングした、このフィリー ソウルは見事です🎤🎵


🇯🇲 Simple Blessings

2017, Simple Blessing- Tarrus Riley feat. Konshens ,

songwriter:Omar Riley , Garfield Spence ,

Jordan Gregory McClure ,

this song sings about the importance of reflecting on one’s family ,

his singing voice adds depth to entire song ,

he creates music that inherits the tradition of reggae while also incorporating modern music(hiphop)

🎤Konshens, he is an excellent dancehall artist🎵

his music is not only fun and danceable , but also expresses emotion and love .

listening to their collaboration song made me feel calm and kind today ,

thank you 🎵❕

ヒップホップ系のア−ティストが、 家庭を省みる事の大切さ、を歌うなんて、素敵です🎵

メロディアスで深みのあるボーカルの、トーラスと、 エクセレントなダンスホール ア−ティストの、コンシェンス、とのコラボは、最高です🎵🎤


🇺🇸 Fight Song

2014, Fight Song – Rachel Platten,

songwriter:Dave Bassett , Rachel Platten ,

this song makes people feel positive,

cheering song for people❕

she never gave up on her dream of music,

〜 Taylor Swift also supported this song,

☘️2011, 🎵1,000 Ships , it was her first song to chart on billboard ,

and, she still had the strength to fight ,

🌿 there is a lesson that the rugby Club manager of Meiji University in japan kept advocating ,

the lesson is this word

‘ Forward  ’




🇺🇸 Fantasy

1995, Daydream- Mariah Carey ,

songwriter:Adrian Belew, Christopher Frantz , Steven Stanley,

🎵genius of love?

🎵Girls in love love fantasy romances,

she is cute and her singing ability is amazing🎤

and, the writers of this song are excellent❕

they were in several Bands,

Adrian Belew (King Crimson, Talking Heads, Tom Tom Club) , Steven Stanley (Talking Heads, Tom Tom Club)

they create music that mixes rock, reggae, post-punk, dance-pop, disco , etc , and are active at the forefront of the pop scene ,

although they have advanced playing techniques , they intentionally create cheap sounds,

the dance pop they created matched perfectly with Mariah’s rhythmic singing and became a big hit❗

🇺🇸 Master Blaster(jammin’)

1980, Hotter than july- Stevie Wonder ,

songwriter:Stevie Wonder ,

it’s a reggae- like song, and it has a thick sound , and it’s not just reggae style , it’s Stevie 🎹🎵

he was the first person in the world to find Bob Marley’s reggae music wonderful and to respect it ,

truly , ( a genius knows a genius),

〜🌿 *Jah- Rastafari (return to Africa)


このアルバムは、キング牧師の誕生日を祝った🎵Happy Birthdayや、 恋人との別れを予感し歌った、せつない曲🎵Lately等を収録した名盤です。

🇮🇪 Bullet the blue sky

1987, The Joshua Tree- U2 ,

songwriter:Adam Clayton , Dave Evans ,

Larry Mullen, Paul David Hewson ,

this song is extremely political ,

the song criticizes America’s intervention in Elsalvador Civil War ,

the way he sings make me feel even more angry than usual ,

under the blue sky , Children are frightened,


🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿You’re In My Heart (The Finale Acclaim)

1977, Foot Loose & Fancy Free- Rod Stewart,

songwriter:Rod Stewart ,

even love songs, love songs with so many compliments are rare , and it’s really nice 🎵 the orchestra and guitar- Steve Cropper are really good ,

having his favorite soccer team appear in the lyrics is a unique expression,

in the lyrics, we don’t understand the original relationship between the main character and this woman , but anyway , he sings of his Acclaim for this woman ,

ロッドスチュアートの最高のラブソングです🎵女性への褒め言葉が満載で、気持ちいい〜 ラブソング❕

邦題というのは、えてして、おかしな場合がありますが、この曲の、‘🎵 胸につのる想い ’ は なかなか合っていて、いい邦題の様な気がします🐬

🇺🇸 Nothing’s Forever (feat. Ty Dolla Sign , Rose Gold)

2022, Hello Poison- Arin Ray ,

songwriter:Darhyl Camper , Larry L.Jacks ,Tyrone w. Griffin , Arin Ray ,

the voices of each of the three singers blend together beautifully🎵 , and the fantastic ending leaves a lasting impression , which is great .

Arin , Ty Dolla Sign, Rose Gold , 3人の声が溶け合って、美しい〜🎵


🇺🇸Rich Men North of Richmond

2023, Rich men north of Richmond- Oliver Anthony ,

songwriter:Christopher Anthony Lunsford

i hope that the message will be amplified , diffused , and echoed as the sound emitted from the resonator guitar is amplified ,

until now, Bob Dylan , Bruce Springsteen ,etc . have sung many anti-establishment songs , however , this kind of song must be sung by everyone, not just one person ,

and, Oliver Anthony ,

it’s about him being wise , there will be no such thing as being swayed by the music industry .

今まで、ボブ ディランや、スプリングスティーン、U2 等、多くのミュージシャンが反体制的な歌を歌ってきたが、もっと多くの人々が、声を上げる事になれば、未来は明るい。

🇺🇸The Lady wants to know

1977, Sleeping Gypsy- Michael Franks ,

songwriter:Michael Franks ,

passing summer〜🏖️, a relaxing sunset 〜

i’m healed by his singing voice and Brecker’s saxophone🎵🐬

🎷Michael Brecker , he play the saxophone, adapted to the song , again , his play wonderful🎵

he is a versatile saxophone player , participating not only in jazz but also in albums by rock artists (S&G , Billy Joel , Frank Zappa , etc)

his performance in this song(🎵tell her about it – An innocent man, Billy joel) is good🎵🐬

夏の終わりには、ゆったりとした、メロウな曲が、聴きたくなります、マイケル フランクスの歌声と、ブレッカーのサックスに、癒やされます〜🎵🐬

🇬🇧 Cadence and Cascade

1970 , In the wake of Poseidon- King Crimson,

songwriter:Robert Fripp , Peter john Sinfield ,

🎤Gordon Haskell , 🎹 Keith Tippett , flute-Mel Collins ,

It’s a quiet , folk-like song , and the flute tone is beautiful 🎵the lyrics are cryptic,

are the two courtesans groupies ?

purred〜🎵 for just a moment , the image overlapped with the song(🎵here there and everywhere- Beatles  ) .

🌿 this album consists of temporary collection of members, at this time, even Greg Lake joined, although he was not an official member,

Robert Fripp managed to make an album.

詩人でもある、ピーター シンフィールドの歌詞が難解だ、二人の遊女は、いわゆるグルーピーの事だろうか?

メル コリンズのフルートが、ジャズのフルート奏者、ジョーファレルの演奏と重なった🎵

また、purred🎵〜のところで、ほんの一瞬だけ、ビートルズの、here there and everywhereを連想してしまった🐬


🇯🇲 Jordan River

 (this photo is not the Jordan River)                  1975, Marcus Garvey- Burning Spear ,

songwriter:Rodney Winston, P. Fullwood ,

M.Lawrence ,

Marcus Garvey , he was a leader who advocated for black rights,

baptismal river 🏞️

🌿‘‘ sing happy songs at River Jordan’s side ’’ 

apart from ideological matters , he also knows the joy of singing together 🎵