🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow🎸

1976, Rising, 🎵stargazer, this is good early song,🎤Ronnie James Dio, his dramatic midrange vocals are stunning, Cozy Powell , his drumming was the core of Rainbow, 🎸Ritchie aimed for the rock he pursued, he made a different sound than in the Deep Purple era, he is a grumpy guitarist, he was not satisfied and repeated member changes,

🇺🇸 Welcome to the Jungle🎵

1987, 🎵welcome to the jungle-Guns N’ Roses, this song is so crazy * awesome*❗️❗️

extreme lyrics but the best rock🎵❗️

guitar- Slash, 🎸 gibson Lespaul, 1986-made*1959-model, the lead guitar sound of this song is the best❗️

🎤Vocal- Axl Rose , his vocals are great again❗️❗️🎵Sha na na na ~ ~


this vocal expression is a performance that remains in rock history.


1975, 夏, 南こうせつさんの、ソロ アルバム、🎵かえり道、は思い出のアルバムです、このアルバムからの、シングル ヒットはありませんが、青春時代の思い出が、よみがえってきます、8曲目の、荻窪二丁目🎵の、喜多條忠さんの詞が、いいです、🎵どこかの窓から 幸せそうな カレ- ライスの匂いがいつか 僕の心を急がせている~🎵 この歌を、学校の帰り道に、🎵幼い日に、の歌詞のような、石ころだらけの道を一人歩きながら、くちずさんで帰ってました。🐬

🇬🇧Culture Club

1982, 🎵Do you really want to hurt me🎵 it’s a reggae-style pop number,

it’s ska- beat and pop, 1983, 🎵Karma Chameleon, it’s a big hit number❗️the chorus is also wonderful🎵 even if their music is soulful,🎤 Boy George,

he is a very nice singer and artist❗️🎵🎤 singing elegantly has been successful, the most brilliant in the 80’s new romantic scene🎵

Greatest Hits: HK Version (Hybrid-SACD)


1994、🎵愛のために- 奥田民生、

名曲です🎵🐬 となりのおっさんは、団塊の世代か?どうか解りませんが、メッセージ ソングというほど気負っている訳でもなく、全体的に、おっさん世代への感謝と愛が、感じられます、奥田民生さんらしく、ストレートではない表現です、君を必ず連れて行こう🎵 という歌詞に、功労者に対する愛が、感じられます、さすが、奥田民生さんです🎵🐬

🎵It might as well be spring

1945, musical movie * State fair*

1933, movie reproduction movie,

this song has become a standard

🎤Sarah Vaughan, I am listening to this song on her singing voice🎵

her singing voice is wide, in this song🎵 the singing voice in the middle range is also wonderful🎤

in second half of the career, she’s also great at approaching pop, her singing voice during this period is also fascinating,🎵