🇨🇦 The saga of pepote rouge

1977,  Islands –  The  Band ,

Rick Danko’s 🎤singing voice is very good🎵

he grew up listening to country and  soul music,  i like his singing voice,🎵

🎵 Georgia on my mind (Hoagy Carmichael , Stuart Gorrell ), 🎤Ray Charles,  famous for the song he made a big hit,

🎤Richard manuel,  he sings with emotion🎵

instrumental ,  Islands ,

the member are playing comfortably,

it seems to be unpopular as album,

but, i like  this 🎵that light feeling is also good, 彼らのアルバムとしては、不評だった様ですが、私は、この軽い感じも好きです🎵🐬

🎹 Garth Hudson,

keyboard sound,  that phrases,

i feel nostalgic for myself as a Japanese person🎵❗





🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Sitting on the edge of the Ocean

1979,  Sitting on the edge of the Ocean-  Bonnie Tyler,

it’s a summer memory song  when i was in high school,  at that time,  i was fascinated by that husky voice🎤

‘‘ telling it all to the sea  ’’

favorite part of  the lyrics🎵

i will come to the sea if  there is a pain ,  then  i feel calm🎵🐬      私は、辛い事があったときは、海にきます、そうすると、落ち着きます🎵🐬


🇺🇸 Yester-Me , Yester-You, Yesterday

1969,  My Cherie Amour- Stevie Wonder ,

songwriter:Miller Ronald Norman ,

Bryan Wells ,

he covered their soul number🎵Especially, a hit in the UK,

he has a lot of cover songs around this time,  but  he has a wonderful singing voice,  🎤his young voice and  female chorus❗ the singing voice at that time is also wonderful🎵

Motown was with this young Genius🎵❗

after  this ,   a bright future was waiting for  Stevie 🎵❗

🇯🇵 深海

1996,  深海- Mr. Children,

コンセプト アルバムです🎵

Cross Road , イノセントワールド, 等 ヒット曲を連発していたス−パ−グループが、こんなアルバムを作るなんて、当時は、全く予想しませんでした。

矛盾だらけの現代社会の中に生きる、自分を内省した様な歌詞が多いです、ヒット曲の、名もなき詩🎵等も収録されてますが、商業的では無いですし、 (ん〜)と、考えさせられる様なアルバムです。

アルバム構成も、ピンク・フロイド的で、自己精神を見つめ直させられる様な感じです🎵 全体的に、決して明るいアルバムでは無いですが、🎵花- Memento- Mori- の 🎵 ラララ〜 に 救われました🎵🐬

🇺🇸 What Game Shall We Play Today

1972,  Return to Forever- Chick Corea,

Mrs,  Flora Purim’s  🎤vocal participation creates a nice atmosphere🎵 that sound is bright and spacious atmosphere,

flutes,  soprano- sax: Joe Farrell,

his flute brings the Summer breeze 🌬️to my room🎵

Stanley  Clarke ,  he uses two bases properly  – elec and  double 🎵good sounds❗

drums , percussion ,  Airto Moreiro ,

chick and  Airto ,  the two  co- starred in  Miles’s Band, 🎹🎺🥁🎵 good❗

return to forever ,  mainly  samba rhythm,   this is a masterpiece of a fusion jazz album🎵

🏝️ i imagine a cave on a mediterranean island and  an open sea 🎵🐬

チック コリアの名盤です🎵

私は、このアルバムを聴くと、最初の1, 2曲 return to forever とcrystal silenceは、勝手な想像で、地中海の、何処かの島の洞窟が、目に浮かんできます、

3曲目の、フロ-ラ プリム夫人の歌で、明るく、開放的な気分になります🎵🐬




🇺🇸 Hawaiian war chant🏝️(Kaua i ka Huahua’i)

1860〜70,  1936,  Johnny Noble,

1860,  this song was originally a secret love song by   Leleiohoku Ⅱ,

1936,  this song was arranged as a rhythmic- Hawaiian🎵  by  Johnny Noble,

even in japan,  comedian played the ukulele ,  his name is  Shinji Maki (牧伸二)

when i was kid,  i thought  it was  a fun song🎵❗🐬

カラカ- ウア王の弟にあたる、レイイオホク2世が作った、ラブソングを、後に

1936頃にジョニ- ノ−ブルが、リズミカルなハワイアンとして編曲しました。

日本でも、コメディアンの、牧伸二さんが、ウクレレを片手に舞台で活躍されてました、 ( あ〜あ〜あ 嫌んなっちゃった〜 あ〜あ〜〜 おどろいた🎵)確か、こんな歌だったと思います🎵🐬



🇯🇲 Dreamland

1976,  Blackheart Man- Bunny  Wailer

i love his music🎵 ska-Beat ,  his beat is eternal,   he pursued his music without flirting with caucasian,

the music is family atmosphere, and warm🎵🐬

sending  🎵love to the world with Bob❗🎵🐬

🇺🇸 Billionaire

2010,  Lazarus-  Travie McCoy ,

🎵 Billionaire   ft.  Bruno Mars ,

rise intention is also cool❗when they sing🎵

it’s a bright expression with no sarcasm❗🎵 it seems that he doesn’t just want to be Rich(Billionaire),

he want to be a  Hero and contribute to society 🎵❗ it’s like that🎵❗ 〜  anyway Bruno’s  relaxing and singing is also wonderful❗

06,  🎵clothes off !! – Gym class Heroes ,  🎸 a rock guitar on the way is a good idea🎵

〜 Travie  and  Bruno 🎤🎵 Two cool❗

i am happy with songs and music, and  world peace🎵

play❗ Rap ,  Reggae🎵

let’s decide a  dunk shot at the green🌿 park coat ⛹️🤾near the sea   today as Well❗❗🎸





🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Motherless Children

1974,   461 Ocean Boulevard- Eric Clapton ,

it’s a good sound🎸🎵2007, in San Diego,  California,  this live video is nice🎵 slide guitar🎸 It’s good feeling❗

🎵 i shot the sheriff (Bob Marley),

🥁 Jamie Oldaker,  his drums and Eric’s singing voice matched perfectly🎵

an indispensable album for Summer🏝️