🇺🇸 Poor Butterfly

1957,  58-  Sarah Vaughan sings Broadway Great songs from hit shows – Sarah Vaughan ,

songwriter:Raymond Hubbell ,  John L . Golden (1916),

good melody〜🎵🍃

Opera ,  Madama Butterfly-  Puccini,

quote from the second act of Opera,

it’s a sad melody🎵 since it is a standard jazz song, the performances of each performer are also interesting🎵🎷🎹 Cannonbal Adderley ,  Sonny Rollinrs〜,

i love Sarah’s singing voice🎤

her song touches my heart🎵

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Next to you

1978,  Outlandos d’Amour- The Police,

Sting’s  cry is youthful❗🎵

from here, their march begins,

Punk🎸,  their musical perspective also started from there,  because it was the era of punk,  at this time , still,  they hid that they had various drawers,

🥁 Stewart Copeland,  he had various musical elements🎵

the Beat is in front🥁  his drumming supports the Police sound,

they incorporate elements of  reggae, ska 🎵🎸

they play an active part as a rock trio band of the brains🎵🎸

🇺🇸 Hero

1993,  Music Box- Mariah Carey,

Hero 〜 🌿  in  you

she sang the japanese commercial song before,  the song of the japanese heart was used for that CM, It’s a song that every japanese knows,

🎵朧月夜(Misty Moon)

No way,  we were surprised that Mariah would sing this song❗

her singing voice was indescribably wonderful❗🐬🎵

it seems that it has not been made into a CD,

Beautiful Heart 〜 🌿  in you




🇺🇸 Tequila Sunrise

1973,  Desperado- Eagles,

i like this song🎵

this country rock will  heal my tiredness of work today🐬

going to the Bar for something, ‘‘🎵another frame’’

it’s universal〜

i’m also a lonely man , but i have a🍸 glass of liquor and music🎵

thank you〜 Don Henley ❗

i’m more drunk with your music than liquor,

〜 archetypal old west🌿 at a bar🍸〜

i’m japanese, but i imagine it without permission🐬🎵