🇺🇸 Around the World in 80 days

1956, movie, Around the world−Michael Anderson, music− Victor Young,

1872, 🇲🇫 novel, le tour du monde en quatre−vingt jours−Jules verne, this movie is a dramatized version of a novel, it’s a spectacular adventure movie at the time❗

Shirley MacLaine, a newcomer who plays the role of a princess, is wonderful❗

anyway, How great is this music❗🎵

Victor Young, the songs he makes are dignified and loved by people,

it’s also great to give this wonderful music an Academy Award❗🐬🎸🎵

🇺🇸 Captain Fingers🎸

1977, Captain Fingers−Lee Ritenour,

its sound is transcendental, but light and comfortable,

🎸 jay Graydon and Ray Parker jr,

it’s good rhythm guitar❗🎵

🎤Bill Champlin (Chicago), the fifth song covers  Stevie’s hits ‘ isn’t she lovely? ’

it’s a masterpiece of fusion album🎵

Lee Ritenour🎸 participating in various artist albums as a studio musician,

his play is the focus of skillful amateur guitarists.🎸🐬

🇺🇸 Days of wine and roses

1962, film music− Henry Manchini,  all his music is wonderful,this song is one of them🎵1964, Oscar Peterson torio🎹🎵it’s good🎵

Jack Lemmon, his acting is wonderful,

1960, movie(the apartment)Jack Lemon and Shirley MacLaine, i also loved this comedy movies,🐬

1964, 🇨🇦 Oscar Peterson torio🎹🎵

the story goes back, How wonderful this performance of this torio is ❗ Good old Movies and music give me the power to live 🎵🐬

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Easy on me

2021, 30 −Adele,

this is the long −awaited new song for the time in 6 years,❗🎤

this song is a song about a divorced ex−husband,

music producer−Greg kurstin, he finishes it with a deep piano ballad,

the singing voice that touches the listener’s chord is wonderful🎵

30, I’m looking forward to those 12 songs🎵🎤from now on ❗🐬