🇯🇵 Stand out fit in

2019,  Eye of the Storm-  One ok Rock,

the  whole sound is compactly organized,

it’s a powerful message song for young people,   show your personality while harmonizing with others❗

‘‘ Stand out fit in ’’ at first glance,  it seems to be a contradiction,  but , i want  to receive their message❗🐬




🇯🇵 海を見ていた午後

1974 ,  Misslim- 荒井由実,




余韻の残る最後のメロディ-〜 も素敵です🎵


🇺🇸 ‘‘Everything must Change’’

1977,  In Flight- George Benson,

the previous work was a masterpiece (Breezin’)🎵

but  this album is also nice🎵🎸

once again,   you can hear the unison scat with the guitar🎤🎸

and ,  Jorge Dalto 🎹,  his piano-play is good🎵

i love his sounds🎵

🎸 Wes  Montgomery,  Great❗

he has taken over that play- style,

‘ take over’ is wonderful🎵🎸🐬



🇺🇸 Sorry

2016,  Lemonade-  Beyonce,

it’s seems  that she has ironic lyrics to her husband,  🎵 Swan Lake- Tchaikovsky,   is the music box melody her idea ?

🎵 Don’t hurt yourself  , feat  Jack White,

drumming i heard somewhere,

wow❗ John Bonham🥁,  🎵when the Levee Breaks- Led Zeppelin,

this song is sampled,


the lineup involved in the production is very gorgeous,

it’s a Rich visual Album🎵❗





🇺🇸 Moritat

1956,  Saxophone Colossus- Sonny Rollins ,

It’s a very famous number🎵

the original song is an insert song,

1928, mack the knife ( Die Dreigroschenoper ) songwriter:Kurt Weil ,  Bertolet Brecht ,  Marc Blitzstein,

🎷 Sonny Rollins ,  deep and singing- sax  is great🎵

and , 🎹 Tommy Flanagan,  his piano solo for about a minute and half is also wonderful🎵

good member❗good sounds❗


🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Mr Moonlight

1964,  Beatles for Sale – The  Beatles,

songwriter:Roy Lee Johnson,

61′  🎵 Dr . Feelgood & the interns 🇺🇸( Piano Red- William Lee Perryman)

🎵boogie- woogie , R&B,  his singing voice is also wonderful❗🎹🎤🎸〜

John’s  shout is comfortable🎵

John probably admired the senior,

〜 encounter with a wonderful Love🎵🍀

thanks to the  〜 Moonlight❗🎵