🇺🇸Nat king Cole

1943,🎵 straighten up and fly right,

the singing voice of only Piano ,guitar and bass is wonderful🎵🎤

it became the first hit song,

1950,🎵Mona Lisa, it’s a song that is so famous all over the world,

1951,🎵 Too Young, the novelist’s lyrics by Sylvia Dee, his lyrics are nice,

there are other masterpieces but these two song are exceptionally wonderful🎵🎤 what a glossy singing voice❗️it’s a singing voice given by heaven🎤


1972, アルバム、センチメンタルの中の、🎵夜のバス、は思い出の曲です、井上陽水さんの、孤独感の表現が素晴らしいです🐬、深町純さんの、アレンジも素晴らしいです、当時、モ-グ シンセを フォ-クの楽曲に、使用した方は、ほとんど、いなかったと思います、深町純さんの、編曲が、曲をよりいっそう、奥行きのある曲にしています、🎵

🇺🇸Morrison Hotel

1970, Morrison hotel-the Doors,

🎵roadhouse blues, it’s a straight blues rock🎸 🎵 you make me real, his

devilish vocals are good, it’s just Jim’s singing voice,🎵peace frog, Robbie’s strumming guitar and Ray’s keyboard sound are good❗️🐧 Queen of the highway, the tune of this song changes on the way,

it’s a different number as a doors, their sound leads to a deep rock world away from the world,

🎵Blue sunday and indian summer,

it’s a beautiful song, 🎵 indian summer

it’s a song that suits the end of a lazy summer.

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Crocodile Rock🎵

1972, crocodile rock-Elton Jhon🎵, 73 ,album *don’t shoot me I’m only the Piano player* released as a leading single,

the song has a song title,🎵hey lawdy mama,🎵 rock around the clock,

Elton himself doesn’t seem to like this song, but, the song has unique lyrics and is fun🎵

when your feet just can’t keep still,

I also dance with suzie,🎵🐬

🇺🇸Roberta Flack

1969, 🎵the first time ever I saw your face, 1971, movie- Clint Eastwood,

*play misty for me* this song was used as an insert song is a horror movie, her singing voice is wonderful🎤🎵1972, 🎵where is the love, with Dohhy Hathaway🎤 the singing voice of the two is wonderful🎵

she covered 🎵come together, it’s a good song, 1973, 🎵killing me softly🎤 it’s my memory song of youth,

I fell nostalgic whenever I listen to this song🎵