🇯🇵 やりきれない気持ち

1973, ルイジアンナ- キャロル,

作詞作曲:大倉洋一, 矢沢永吉


彼女の姿〜🎵 コ−ラスが、ビ−トルズ風です(アルバムには、カンサスシティも収録されてます)、 ライブでは、🎵いくら愛する心でいても baby i’m so blue 〜のパ−トでは、矢沢永吉さんがリ−ドっぽく、歌ってます🎵

解散後、キャロル時代の曲の使用について、著作権の問題などで、色々あった様ですが、二人にしか分からない関係性です、 ロックはビジネスが絡む話しになると、なんとも、〜 やりきれない気持ち🎵になります。







🇺🇸 I’ll be long Gone

1969,  Boz Scaggs &Duane Allman- Boz Scaggs ,

songwriter:Boz Scaggs ,

the female backing chorus and his singing voice are really good🎤🎵

〜🌿67’〜68′ ,  he was in the early  Steve Miller Band,  his tenure was short ,

his  music is put together With elements from many different genres of American 🎵(blues, country, rock〜)

☘️ the members who participated in his blockbuster album (Silk Degrees)later formed the‘ ToTo ’ 🎸🎹



🇺🇸 With you

2007, Exclusive-  Chris Brown,

songwriter:Austin Johntam ,  Bjorklund Amund ,

a melodious love song 🎵

‘‘🎵you’re a class all your own’’→ you have your own category no one can imitate ,  great,  it’s a pick up line❗ if i were 40 years younger, i would be able to say  ‘‘this line’’❗boo, hey 〜 yeah〜🎵

that’s a joke🎵🐬

☘️he is good at dancing ,  he was into  Michael dancing , when he was a boy ,

good love song❗






🇺🇸 Pon de Replay

2005,  Music of  the Sun –  Rihanna,

songwriter:Vada J. Nobles, Carl Sturken , Evan Rogers ,  Alisha Brooks,

at that time,  i was surprised by her performance , which was about 17 years old ,   even though she was 17 , she sang proudly 🎵🎤 and she had  good  style👗 ❗

〜☘️ 2023, 2/12 ,

🏈 the  Super Bowl halftime show ,

i haven’t seen that video ,

🎤her  lip – syncing seems to be a problem ,

the Super Bowl halftime show is a hit or miss ,

she will show  good performance again someday🎤🎵



その映像は、見てませんが、毎年のス-パ-ボウルのハ−フタイムショ- は、当たりハズレがあります、今年はあまり盛り上がら無かったのかなぁ❔






🇬🇧 Downtown

1964, 65, Downtown- Petula Clark,

songwriter:Tony Hatch , james Cauty,

🎹 Tony Hatch,  he seems to come up with a melody 🎵when he walked from  Central park to Times Square ,

🎤Petula herself liked the melody of this song ,

actually, the area around  Battery Park(Manhattan Borough)is called ‘Downtown’

this song was born from a little misunderstanding 🎵

anyway ,  this song makes us feel exhilaration,







🇺🇸 What a wonderful World

1967,  Louis Armstrong,

songwriter:George Douglas (Bob Thiele ),  George Weiss ,

2008,  Premium twin Best – Louis Armstrong,

in the 70’s  he says the line in the intro, it was recorded a year before he passed away,

what are his thoughts on this song ?

the World isn’t like these lyrics right now,  but  ,  if you change your inner mind ,   your outer world will change too ,      Love,

🌿〜64′ 🎵Hello Dolly , i love this song,

🎵so take her wrap〜 , the melody in this part is the best🎵

i found a video that makes me happy,

clarinet, trombone, trumpet, 3 great performance🎵❗

the relationship between Satchmo &trombonist is great❗

i love his innocent smile❗🐬

what a wonderful World 〜🎵

i feel like i understand the meaning of this song.

🎵hello Dolly を演奏する、サッチモの、動画を見つけました。













🇩🇪 99 Lcftballons

1983,  Nena-  Nena,

songwriter:joern- Uwe Fahrenkrog- Petersen ,   Carlo Karges ,

Ilove 80′ keyboard sound🎹🎵

🎸 Carlo,  he saw a lot of balloons at the Stones concert🎵 he got a hint from there and made a song with a keyboard player,  it became an anti- war song  with light rhythm 🎵

🎵99 Red balloons, the English version has slightly changed lyrics, It’s a also nice  arrangement🎵

🎤 Gabriele Nena Kerner,

🌿〜🎵 nur getraumt , this song was not a worldwide hit,  but  it is a song  that conveys her charm,

it seems that many flying object will appear in the future .

🇺🇸 Back to December

2010,  Speak Now- Taylor Swift,

songwriter:Taylor Swift ,

was she attracted to him(Taylor Lautner) in the Movie‘Twilight’?,

did the love affair start in autumn and end in  december ?

at that time,  they had the same first name , and they were a well- matched couple,  and he looks good❗

☘️  a girl who can’t forget her ex ,

they listened to this song  as their own,   fans are always watching her love life ,

🎵 she is good at choosing words when writing songs ,

🎵 the modest performance that matches the lyrics of her heartbreak is wonderful🎸,

i especially like playing drums🥁❗🎵

〜🌿 Taylor Lautner

congratulations on your marriage last year 🎉








🇺🇸 I need you

1985,  Maurice White-  Maurice White,

songwriter:William D. Smith ,  Mary Unobksy ,  Priscilla coolidge,

i don’t often listen to sugary love songs,  But , the love songs he sings  are  Special❗ when the song was played in the floor ,  it will be a special time for men and women🎵

2016,  he died of parkinson’s disease,

but his music is forever .

1979, 🎵Boogie wonderland- EW&F ,

i remember the shock when i heard that song for the first time,

soul music became glittering song✨❗ the production was awe-inspiring ,

モ−リス ホワイトの極上のラブソングです🎵

79′ ディスコブームの頃、初めて、EW&F の ブキーワンダーランドを聞いた時の、衝撃は、今も覚えています❗









🇺🇸 Touch Me

1968,  THE Soft Parade- Doors ,

songwriter:Robby Krieger ,  (4 members),

It’s a commercial sound🎵

this song has a sound that incorporates a horn section🎺🎷

It’s strange  the Doors uses a horn arrangement,

what happened to my  Doors🎤🎸?

their fans were a little confused,

but fortunately,  they never continued this direction,

It’s an album that feels like a detour,

among them,  this song showed a different side of them,

now it’s time to talk about arranging,

Robby’s song itself is good🎸🎵❗

🎤when  Jim sings it feels like it means something deeper ,


〜☘️ episode

it seems that the song was created based on the quarrel between Mr. and Mrs . Robby.

〜 touch me = please fix your mood〜🎵?


最初は、ドア−ズが、ホ-ン?とビックリしましたが、プロデューサーのアイデアだったようです。 ギターのロビーの作曲ですが、シングル盤のソングライターのクレジットは、メンバー4人となってます。


〜こっちへおいでよ〜 は (奥さんに、機嫌を直してくれよ〜)といったところか?