🇦🇹Concerto for flute, Harp&Orchestra ,c-major k299

1778, W.A. Mozart,

he wrote a concerto for the Duke and his daughter’s father and daughter,

originally, the combination of flute and Harp is unprecedented, the music is finished in a graceful and delicate Rococo style, Mozart is genius who creates concertos that take advantage of the charms of these two instruments, guided by the orchestra’s presentation section, both solo instruments appear gorgeously, the second movement is famous, graceful and I like the movement too🎵🐬 I am enjoying playing the Berlin philharmoniker, it’s wonderful🎵

after that, it is an important work that many combinations have been writes.

🇺🇸George Benson

1976, Breezin’🎵 I like this album,

Breezin’🎵 it’s a bright and fashionable number🎵🐧 the strings are nice like a caravelli’s music, 🎵this masquerade,

he woke up to sing🎵🎤Great guitar and unison scat, showed the world a singing fusion guitarist🎤🎸❗️

🎵down here on the ground, I like playing the Piano and drums, vocal is also good❗️this album raised *fusion music* to front stage🎵

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿Peter Frampton

1967, the Herd🎵from the underworld,

it’s a psychedelic pop rock, this song feels influence from*sgt. pepper’s*

1973, 🎵Do you fell like we do, – Frampton’s camel , 1976, Comes Arive❗️the live version is a long song,

he used the* talking modulator*,

the reaction of the audience is wonderful, his sound is bright, and he is a beautiful boy, the album was a huge hit in the world, comes Arive❗️

it’s live album is a masterpiece❗️🎵

🇬🇧 a whiter shade of pale🎵

1967, a whiter shade of pale – Procol Harum, it’s a my memory song🎵Matthew Fisher – Hammond Organ , the intro is melancholy,

I don’t get the meaning of this lyrics,

the lyrics are like a story between a man and a woman?

the melody of this song is great, but the intro is also great🎵❗️🐧

it’s live album is a masterpiece🎵

🇺🇸Roy Buchanan

1974, 75, live Stock, it’s a great live album🎵 hot cha, listen to bright guitar, 🎵can I change my mind, I like the keyboard and cutting guitar, 🎵i’m Evil , trouble-Elvis Presley, Roy, vocals are also good, the sound guitar of the telecaster guitar is crisp, it’s a guitar that suits country and blues, he pushed the limits of the playing style that can be expressed with a guitar called telecaster, a guitarist who makes a guitarist groan,

🎵Hey Joe- Jimi Hendrix

Hey Joe (live from austin TX)

back keeps playing *Hey Joe’s chords ,and on the way, keyboard plays melody,the chinese scale enters,and the guitar unfolds freely and plays that riff again in the second half, Audience gets excited, it’s an ending leaves a lingering finish, the development is a little too playful , and it feels cool , but great performance🎵❗️he is a great guitarist❗️

🇯🇵 T M network🎹

1987, self control,🎵は名盤です🐬

Don’t let me cry,は見事なシンセ ポップです、イントロから、サビ、エンディングまでカッコイイです🎵宇都宮さんの、🎤ボ-カルは上手いです🎵

、まさにT Mという曲です、木根さんの作曲の、time passed me by🎵は美しいバラ-ドです、ビートルズのyesterdayの、コ -ド進行をヒントに、作曲したと記されてました、spanish blue🎵は、小室 みつ子さんの、詞の世界が、異国情緒のある、いい曲です。才能豊かな、三人グループですが、その後、小室哲哉さんが、超巨大な音楽プロデューサーになる事は、当時は予想してませんでした、T M時代の楽曲は、日本のエレクトロニックポップの名曲の宝庫です🎵