🇪🇦 Albert Mora Griso

2017, 9  in Nagano,

Mozart -Flute Concerto №2 d-major k.314 ,

flute- Albert Mora Griso

Dirigent – Georg Mark

Nagano- Philharmonic  Orchestra,

his gentle and humble playing of the flute was wonderful,   and  the performance of  Nagano-Philharmonic Orchestra was also excellent,

〜🌿 this concerto was commissioned from  flute lover Doctor – Ferdinand Nikolaus Dionisius Dejean,

this concerto is an arrangement of what he composed(Oboe Concerto in c-major k314)the previous year ,

it is generally said that ,

but experts have different opinions,

1 movement ,  allegro aperto 4/4 ,

aperto ?   it is an expression of openness ,   i can hear the chirping of birds in the spring breeze〜

2 movement , adagio non troppo 3/4 ,  i like this melancholy second movement ,

3 movement ,allegretto 2/4,  it’s a lightly bouncing movement,

cadenza’ it is the solo performance at the end of the soloist,

cadenza that is inserted general is wonderful🎵






🇺🇸 21 Questions

2003,  Get Rich or die Tryin’ –  50 cent ,

21 questions feat  Nate Dogg ,

this is a his style-love song,

will you love me no matter what my circumstances ?

are you my soulmate ?

he asked her for true love ,

2000′   he was shot in trouble ,

record lavel kept well away from him,

after that he worked as a rapper in canada,

Eminem ,  he saw his activity in a similar circumstances and gave a helping hand to him ,

〜🌿 he’s been a drug dealer since he was 12 ,

he crawl up from the bottom.



そんな彼に、手を差し伸べる人物がいた。  エミネムだ❗






🇺🇸 Beer for my horse

2002,  Unleashed- Toby Keith ,

🎵 Beer for my house feat Willie Nelson ,

🥁 John ‘‘Jr’’ Robinson ,

nice clear drum sound❗he is a great session drummer ,

Paul Franklin ,  his steel guitar is really good❗

this song was №1 on Hot country songs- charts ,

Toby keith ,  he is the same age as me ,

the singing voice of the two , who have an age difference of  28 years, are warm and  heartwarming 🙂🎵

i’m sure he feels honored to be able to perform with seniors.




🇺🇸 What I’ve Done

2007,  Minutes to Midnight- Linkin Park ,

this song is the theme song of  ‘Transformers’ ,

the M- video raises the issue of environmental problems and hunter,

🎤Chester Bennington,

he expresses  ‘ I ’

But ,  i think he sings that he wants each person to think like  ‘‘ we’ve committed many sins,  but we want to start over ’’.

(私達は、数え切れない罪を犯した、しかし、今、やり直したい。)と 人々に思ってほしい。




🇺🇸 Helena

2004,  three Cheers for Sweet Revenge- My Chemical Romance ,

this song is a melodious punk with a chorus ,

i like this song,

🎤Gerard  Way ,  he has a bachelor’s degree in fine arts,  he also works as an animator,

he is versatile ,

he has also collaborated with japanese Rocker ,   🎸🎵 Safe and Sound- Kyosuke Himuro feat Gerard Way ,

the two who sing alternately are in sync🎸

it’s wonderful to see two from different countries and generation blending together.

Gerard Way は、アニメ−タ-でもあり、多才なボ-カリストです。

氷室京介さんとのコラボ、🎸🎤safe and  sound も、交互に歌う2人が、goodです。世代の違う2人が、溶け合う姿は、good🎸❗




🇯🇵 Mighty Long Fall

2015,  35xxxv-  ONE OK ROCK ,



この曲は、John Feldmann のプロデュースです。アメリカのスカ-パンクバンド、Goldfinger のフロントマンです。ワンオクの曲なども手掛けていたんですね。知りませんでした。

7∼8年前の曲ですが、やはり、ワンオクは、凄いです! 後半のTomoyaの力強いドラムを聞いて、パワーが出てきました❗

何年か前の、Yokohama Stadiumのライブ映像も観ましたが、ボ-カルのTakaの体力は、どうなっているんでしょうか?あれだけ動き回って、声量も維持できるなんて、unbelievable!しかも、めちゃくちゃ上手い🎤🎵そして、ファンも最高です❗





🇺🇸 Uptown Funk ft Bruno Mars

2015,  Uptown Special- Mark Ronson ,

it’s coolness that goes through ,

this song has a cool horn sounds ,

Bruno’s  dance in the music-video is also good❗

this song was noted for its similarities to those songs (79′  Funk you up- Sequence ,  83′  young Girls- Collage ),

his body is steeped in old Funk hit song,

he arranged it beautifully like the Minneapolis sound.





🇺🇸 Say so

2019,  Hot Pink-  Doja Cat ,

it’s a good song,   i like the light guitar sound 🎵

she grew up in an artistic family environment ,

she have high respect for Nicki Minaj ,

she’s a rapper with great visuals,

it’s a good performance❗🎵


🌿man,  if you don’t act  ,  cutie will run away ❗