🇯🇵 Summer🏖️

1976、招待状のないショ- – 井上陽水


🎵毎年、夏になると井上陽水さんの🎵summer🏖️を聴いてます、安田裕美さんの、acoustic guitar が 素晴らしいです🎵🐬 ドラム-村上秀一さん、E. guitar- 高中正義さんの、贅沢な布陣です🎵 スローテンポのいい夏ソングです、

🎵なにも言わない貝殻に 想い出なんて しゃべれない~ またくる夏の どこかで~ やさしい人に あいたい~

summer ~

🎵 I can’t talk about memories of shells🐚 that say nothing~

I want to meet a kind person somewhere in the coming summer🎵

summer~ mn ~ summer~ longing~

summer~ summer~ summer~ summer~ mn ~ mn ~🎵

Songwriting: YOSUI INOUE

🇬🇧 Pictures of home🎵

1972, Machine Head- Deep Purple🎸

🎵pictures of home, Ian Paice- drums,

his drumming is amazing❗️❗️on this song, accurate and amazing drumming,

this album is a masterpiece,

I clearly remember the shock of listening to this album for the first time, the boys were crazy🎸about Ritch’s guitar playing❗️

Akira Takasaki🎸 he was influenced by this album, his roots in guitar playing are this album,

vocal- Ian Gillan

keyboard – Jon Lord

guitar- Ritchie Blackmore

bass- Roger Glover

drums- Ian Paice

it’s their golden age❗️❗️🐬

🇯🇵 さらば涙と言おう🎵

1971, 🎵さらば涙と言おう 作詞:阿久悠 作曲:鈴木邦彦

青春ドラマ 、おれは男だ❗️の 主題歌でした、剣道部の男子とバトン部の女子の対決が、ほのぼのとした、学園青春ドラマでした、吉川操役の早瀬久美さんは素敵でした、脇役の田坂都さんの、明るく元気なセ-ラ-服👚女子も、可愛かったです🐬

このドラマを見て、中学生になった時、剣道部に入部した男子は多かったと思います、翌年の🎵 友達よ泣くんじゃない、も想い出の曲です🎵🐬

森田健作さんの、🎤 言葉をかみしめるような、まじめで、丁寧な歌唱に


🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Immigrant song

1970, zeppelin-Ⅲ , immigrant song🎵 * the lord of the rings*- John Ronald Reuel Tolkien,- philologist writer,

🎤Robert Plant, many of his lyrics were influenced by this work, representing a hero is a fantasy world,

🎵 Achilles last stand- presence

it is beautifully expressed with its vocals as rock music🎸

anyway, John’s drums are amazing❗️

western shore・❗️ stopping is cool❗️