🎵🇺🇸ZZ Top🎸

1975, Fandango❗️it’s a good album🎸 🎵Jailhouse rock – Elvis number,

🎤Billy Gibbons , his strong vocals are the best,🎵backdoor medley,

it’s great to enjoy boogie-medley with the audience,🎵mexican blackbird, it’s a good country blues song🎸 🎵Tush ,it’s a boogie that moves naturally❗️


1980、裸足の季節、81、夏の扉、デビュー当時から、その素晴らしい歌声を聴かせてくれる、松田聖子さんの歌声は、ミルキー ボイスといわれる、かわいい声質ですが、その奥に、セクシーな大人の部分も秘めた声質でした、🎵夏の扉、の歌声に、その部分がみえかくれします🎵1984、夏服のイヴで音楽制作にあたった、ジャズの日野皓正さんは、一瞬で、その魅力的な彼女の声質に気づき、アルバムを制作したようです、素晴らしいポップシンガ-です🐬🎵

🇺🇸Billy Joe Thomas

Raindrops keep falling on my head,

1969, movie- Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid, Burt Bacharack’s music and B.J Thomas singing voice is wonderful, I will never forget the scene where Paul& Katharine ride a bicycle together, I bought your single record when I was in junior high school, begging my father,

Billy Joe Thomas, you have left wonderful Memories for the people of the world,

we pray for the souls. thank you .

🏝️Aloha Oe🎵

Aloha Oe- Queen Lili’uokalani,

1895, she was imprisoned in Iolani palace, at this time, there is theory that it was composed,

but, there is also a theory that it was annexed and was previously composed for sister- Likelike kekauluohi,

Either way, it’s a farewell song that loves the hawaiian people, the beautiful sea and the mountains,

it’s a song full of LOVE.