🇺🇸 The Passenger

1977,  Lust for life- Iggy Pop,

songwriter:Iggy  ,  Ricky Gardiner,

he and David Bowie drove together🚗🎵 he sang the feeling of the drive,

he usually sings radical songs,   but , here,

repeated monotonously, this song is fun and pop🎵 he must have felt good about the drive🎵

those who wander the rock world,

the two get along well,

🎵 La la la la la la la la 〜


🇺🇸 Broken Dreams

1975,  Angel- Angel,

the members were tall and  white outfits were cool🎵❗

my sister was also fan of them, she didn’t even hear the sound🎵😀

especially in japan,  they were popular with girls as an idol rock band 🎵🎸

🎸 Punky Meadows , 🎹 Gregg Giuffria,  🥁 Barry Brandt,

his drumming on this song feels good❗

it was a hard rock with a progressive element🎵🎹

they were  my youth page🌿🎸🐬


1994,  Sweets〜 Scanch best collection- Scanch,

🎸 ロ−リ−さんは、凄いロックギタリストです🎵この曲、恋のショック療法は、カッコいいです、また、この曲が収録されているアルバムジャケットの、カラーデザインが、ZeppⅢ風で良い感じです❗ ギターアイドルに対しての知識と、彼らのギターフレーズをもとにして、繰り出されるテクニックが凄いです🎵 ジミ- ペイジや、マ−クボラン等、その他、私達の知らないような、ギタリストのプレイを聴き込んでこられたのでしょう。奇抜な感じで、冗談ばかり言ってますが、 最高のロックンロ−ラ-です🎸🎤🎵🐬


🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 You’re in my heart

1977,  Foot Loose &Fancy Free- Rod Stewart,

my memory song🎵

the acoustic sound and his singing voice are comfortable🌿

the scenery that he composed this song while playing the guitar comes to mind🎵🐬

the feeling of being in love gradually turns into deep love,  in the lyrics, it is unique to compare it to the feelings for a soccer team,

🎻violin- Richard Greene,  his violin also complements the song and is wonderful🎵❗

Rod’s  ballad gives you  a calm moment🎵🌿


🇺🇸 Wait for U

2022,  I Never liked you –  Future,

It’s good Beat🎵

i can’t keep up with too radical rap Music, but,  this beat becomes a habit🎵❗🐬

this album,  ft ,   🎵 keep it Burnin- kanye,  🎵 I’m on one ,  🎵Wait for U – Drake, tems,

the topicality is also sufficient❗

he is leading the rap scene🎵

his success continues〜 yeah〜🎵