🇺🇸 Thirteen 45’s

2002,  On the lover’s circuit- The Usuals,

it’s a good ska 🎵❗

🎤Julie  Esbjorn ,  her humble way of singing is nice again🎵

i want to be rocked in a small boat on the beautiful florida sea🎵🐬 🛶



🇺🇸 All this love

2003,  A Twist of  Motown- Lee Ritenour,

sounds perfect for Summer mornings🌿 his acoustic sound is also great🎸

light fusion sound is comfortable🎵

this is an album of plans, it’s a good sounds,

although story changes,

1975,   Polnareff   U. S. A –  Michel polnareff,

he is a French pop-star 🎵

Lee 🎸 he participated in his album,

at that time,

i was happy that a talented guitarist like him participated in this album🐬

🎵 come on,  lady blue ,    his guitar play is great❗i was listening to this album every day when i was a junior high school student,

unfortunately  it didn’t do well in US , but i love this album,

he is top notch in both solo and support🎸🎵

he is a Great guitarist🎸🎵





🇺🇸 Only the Ocean

2010,  To the sea-  Jack Johnson,

piano and guitar sounds is good🎵

his music reminds us of something we’ve almost forgotten ,

‘‘ only  the Ocean and me ’’

a man who loves the sea 🌊 and surfing🏄 and music🎵🐚

the acoustic sounds he produces is wonderful🎵



🇺🇸 Ramona

1994,  Message for the Mess Age- NRBQ,

🎸 i love this song🎵

they incorporated various genres🎵

ramona〜🎵 it’s a Summer song❗

view the Beach🏖️from your hotel room on a Summer day,

🎤Joey Spampinato,  Terry Adams,

that singing voice rides on the sea breeze〜🏝️

life needs such a moment🎵




🇺🇸 True Blue

1986,  True Blue- Madonna,

the M- Video reminiscent of the ‘Supremes’ of the 1960s also feels good❗🎵‘ I’ve sailed a thousand ships, 🛳️🌊,but no matter where i go ’ 🎵that’s a good lyrics❗🐬 it seems  that two types of  M- Videos were produced, i would like to see another  one,

she has a strong spirit of service 🎵

at that time, the world was fascinated by her🎵







🇯🇲 Nice ‘n’ easy

1975,  Hurt so good- Susan Cadogan,

produce:Lee Perry,

🎵 74,Do it Baby- the Miracles,

that’s a good soul number❗

he arranged this song,  It’s a good reggae song🎵🏖️   her cute vocals🎤are good feeling🎵

the song plays  in the summer sky❗🐬


🇸🇪 Heaven

2019,  Tim-  Avicii,

2014,  this  song was written with Chris Martin ,   and  , 2016 completed ,

2019,  the tribute video made from the footage spent on madagascar is beautiful,  the sea and lyrics is sadly beautiful, マダガスカルの海と、それに重なる歌詞が、哀しいほどに、美しいです。

it has been four years since he died,

he was a talented young producer🎵🎹🎸

album- Tim,   i think like  that, this album was created with respect for his musical intent,

🎵 bad Reputation feat  Joe Janiak,

it is a good feeling🎵

we wanted him to realize vorious collaboration in the House Music scene ,

his anguish we don’t know,

but,  his  music lives on our hearts🎵



🇯🇵 Summer

1976,  招待状のないショ- – 井上陽水 ,

⛱️ 夏になると、想い出の曲として、口ずさみたくなる歌です🎵

スローテンポで、楽器の編成も少なく、波の音のような効果音も、いい感じです🎵 🏖️ 🟠👒🌻 🐚

サ〜マ〜 mn〜 mn〜


🇺🇸 Rare

2020,  Rare- Selena Gomez,

a love song that exprsses self-love,

‘‘ oh,  why don’t you recognize i’m so rare ?’’ when asking question,  she is good at facial expressions and singing🎵

as expected it is an actress❗

as an actress and singer,  she has a wonderful expression🎵🐬