🇿🇦 Gravedigger

2002, 3 , Some Devil- Dave Matthews Band ,

songwriter:David Proctor , Christopher Lavery ,

the lyrics explore deep philosophical themes regarding death and time ,

and, it explore the emotions people have when facing death ,

2004, he won a Grammy A ward for Best Male Rock vocal performance for this song .

〜🌿 when he was young , his mother took him to hear Pete Seeger sing ,

this became the basis of his later music .

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿Private Investigations

1982, Love over Gold- Dire Straits ,

songwriter:Mark Knopfler ,

this song is more like a recitation than a song;it is dark , heavy , and expresses a feeling of loneliness,

this song has an impressive acoustic guitar picking , and the electric sound in the middle brings out the story of the song,

🎸Mark Knopfler,

he spoke like this ‘ i composed this song inspired by the detective Philips Marlowe who appears in the hard-boild novel written by Raymond Chandler ’,

this song has received high praise from a literary standpoint ,

this song was a hit , especially in the Netherlands ,

it’s a song that shows diversity ,




🇺🇸 A String of Pearls

1944 A String of Pearls , 2005 , the best of Glenn Miller – Glenn Miller Orchestra ,

1941 , songwriter:Eddie Delange , Jerry Gray,

Alex Kramer,

this song contains plenty of swing jazz elements, and the elegant and sophisticated melody will delight listeners 🎵🐬

he is the World’s most famous trombonist and BandMaster,

Great jazzman who died at the young ege of 40,

〜🌿 there are various theories as to the cause of his death ,

During World War Ⅱ, he was actively performing moral-boosting concerts for soldiers in the United States Army Air forces,

his young brother Herb Miller claimed ‘ my brother died of lung cancer in a military hospital ,

it is also said that the cause was a malfunction in the airplanes carburetor ,

the cause of his death was that the Norseman-plane he was on board was hit by a dropped bomb from a British Lancaster plane and crashed , there is a strong theory that .

グレンミラー楽団の、インザ ムードや、ムーンライト セレナーデとならぶ、ヒット曲です🎵 上品で洗練された、スイングジャズの名曲です🎵🐬

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Writing’s on the WALL

2015, Writing’s on the Wall(007,Spectre)−Sam Smith,

songwriter:Sam Smith , James Napier ,

his singing voice is good🎤🎵❕

‘‘ this is something , i gotta face ’’ i like this part of the lyrics ,

I’ve been running away from problems, but this time i decided to face them instead of running away ,

〜🌿 the theme song for the previous(🎥 007 , Skyfall ) was Adele🎤🎵

after all, it is an honor to be entrusted with the theme song for the most famous movie series ,

映画 007 – Spectre の主題歌を彼が歌ってます🎤



🇺🇸these arms of mine

1964, Pain in my heart- Otis Redding,

songwriter:Otis Redding ,

although it is a simple and straightforward love song , it expresses his emotions richly and you can feel his deep Soul ,

🎸🎹 Steve Cropper , he plays without losing the feel of the song ,

〜🌿when i feel like losing myself, i come back to Otis’s song , then he accepts me as if he understands ,

my arms want to embrace his Soul.


スティーブ クロッパーの演奏とオ−ティスの歌は、深いソウルを感じさせ、いつも私を癒やしてくれます🎵🐬

🇺🇸 Heal The World

1992 , Dangerous- Michel Jackson ,

songwriter:Michel Jackson ,

various problems in the World , poverty , hunger , conflicts, environmental problems ,

〜🌿 Now, 30 years later , is the World moving in a positive direction ?

Earth is not owned by humans;

we are merely inhabitants of this place .


存在するだけでは意味が無い、 子供達の、より良い未来の為に、生きよう(行動しよう) と❕

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Songbird

1977, Rumours- Fleetwood Mac,

songwriter:Christine McVie ,

her songs sung with just the piano and Lindsey Buckingham’s guitar , are so beautiful ,

this song has the image of being sung on an empty stage after a concert , with just the piano ,

the lyrics of the song are simple , but

this is a beautiful song that gives you peace of mind, away from worldly love ,

☘️ around this time, the band members were tired of the love and hate within each member , and this song served as a source of comfort to the tired members who were working on the album ,

this song is not just a love song , but also a song about the joy that comes from giving love .


当時、バンドのメンバーは、複雑な恋愛関係にあり、そんな中で、アルバム制作をしてました。彼らは、お互いに、愛憎の恋愛に疲れていたのでは? と推測します。 


🇺🇸 Endless Summer Nights

1987, Richard Marx- Richard Marx ,

songwriter:Richard Marx ,

this song makes you feel nostalgic, reminding you of the love of summer day gone by , which is in everyone’s heart ,

‘‘ somehow the city doesn’t look the same ’’ 

depending on your mental state ,

the familiar city may look different ,

it’s a good lyrics🎵

his singing and 🎷Dave Koz’s saxophone reminds me of summer gone by 〜🐬

〜🌿 he was recognized by Lionel Richie and entered the world of music ,

2006′ , he joined the band (Ringo Starr &his All-Starr Band) with Hamish Stuart (bass), Sheila . E et al ,





2006′ には、Ringo Starr & his all- Starr Band, にも参加して活躍しました。

🇯🇲 Night Nurse

1982, Night Nurse- Gregory Isaacs,

songwriter:Gregory Isaacs , Sylvester Weise ,

producer:Errol Holt ,

it’s a sexy song🎵

this is a song about the desire of a man seeking healing ? all the men are like patient ,

🎤his reggae songs are elegant and charming 🎵