🇺🇸 I’ll be long Gone

1969,  Boz Scaggs &Duane Allman- Boz Scaggs , songwriter:Boz Scaggs , the female backing chorus and his singing voice are really good🎤🎵 〜🌿67’〜68′ ,  he was in the early  Steve Miller Band,  his tenure was short , his  music is put together With elements from many different genres of American 🎵(blues, country, rock〜) ☘️ the membersContinue reading “🇺🇸 I’ll be long Gone”

🇨🇦 This Wheel’s on Fire

1968,  Music from Big Pink – The  Band, songwriter:Bob Dylan ,  Rick Danko, the electric piano sounds good , when i put the record on , it seemed to be playing in my room🎵 this album is worth to listening , their attitude towards music is amazing❗ Rick  Danko ,  i like his country and forkedContinue reading “🇨🇦 This Wheel’s on Fire”