Music Loves:🇻🇬 There you are

2009, Replay- Iyaz , songwriter:Keidran Jones(Iyaz), Jonathan Rotem , the repeating piano is a momentary love song 🎵 i like this part of the lyrics ‘‘ turns out you were the only one that stood by me ’’ good ballad song🎵 〜Tortola🏝️, he grew up with musician parents, the island where he grew up seems toContinue reading “Music Loves:🇻🇬 There you are”

🇺🇸 Closer

2008, Year of the Gentleman- Ne Yo , songwriter:Shaffer Smith (Ne Yo), when i saw his performance on m-video, i think like this (he aspires to be a contemporary entertainer🎩 ) in fact, he said in an interview that (i was inspired by their performance, Sammy Davis jr, Frank Sinatra, )not to mention, by MichaelContinue reading “🇺🇸 Closer”