🇺🇸Rich Men North of Richmond

2023, Rich men north of Richmond- Oliver Anthony , songwriter:Christopher Anthony Lunsford i hope that the message will be amplified , diffused , and echoed as the sound emitted from the resonator guitar is amplified , until now, Bob Dylan , Bruce Springsteen ,etc . have sung many anti-establishment songs , however , this kindContinue reading “🇺🇸Rich Men North of Richmond”

Music Loves:🇹🇹Sly Mongoose

1950, Small island Calypso , Sly Mongoose- Lord Invader , Felix and his internationalists , songwriter:Lord Invader, John Cowley , melodies and rhythms make you feel uplifted , 🌿🎷 there is also a precious sound source of Charlie Parker playing amidst the commotion of the people 🎵           Lord Invader🎤, he was one of the peopleContinue reading “Music Loves:🇹🇹Sly Mongoose”

🇺🇸 I’ll love you till the dayIdie

2022,  A Beautiful Time-  Willie Nelson, songwriter:Christopher Stapleton , Rodney Crowell , Mickey Raphael’s harmonica has a gentle tone🎵 you can spend a calm and relaxing time 🎵 this album,  🎵 With a little help from my friend,  this  song  was written by Paul and John for Ringo , 🎵 Tower of song(88′ )- Leonard Cohen, heContinue reading “🇺🇸 I’ll love you till the dayIdie”

🇺🇸 To be loved by you

1996,   Revelations – Wynonna Judd, songwriter:Gary Burr,  Michael B. Reid, mountains come to mind when i hear her singing🎤🎵🏔️ she sings pop songs based on country music ,  the chorus sounds good again🎵 🌿🎵change the world , (Phenomenon- soundtrack- Eric Clapton &Babyface ), their version was a hit, Eric’s  blues guitar is brilliant🎸 彼女の、カントリーをべ−スにした、ポップな歌声が、素晴らしいです。 このアルバムに収められた、チェンジ ザ ワ−ルドは、ジョントラボルタの映画、phenomenonの劇中歌として、エリッククラプトンとベビーフェイスの演奏で大ヒットしました🎸 クラプトンのブルースギターとボ-カルが冴え渡ります。  Continue reading “🇺🇸 To be loved by you”

🇺🇸 Green Onions

1977,  Loading Zone- Ray Buchanan , 62′  Booker T & the MG’s, 🎸Steve Cropper,   instrumental blues rock, It’s a masterpiece🎵 he develops the original song further and  play it ,   his guitar unfolds as the blues chord progression🎸🎵 the guitar itself have emotion, that’s how to play❗🎵 he plays everything that can be expressed onContinue reading “🇺🇸 Green Onions”

🇺🇸 Touch Me

1962,  And Then I Wrote-  Willie Nelson, it’s a good song🎵 the singing voice of his youth is also good🎵 in his long career 🌿 he has the flexibility to accept other genres ,  and the personality is also good,  so it’s respected by many artists, 〜 1937, musical-movie ‘ Shall We Dance ’ 🎵 let’s call the whole thingContinue reading “🇺🇸 Touch Me”

🇺🇸 New Strings

2005,  kerosene- Miranda Lambert i like this song ,   she  uses her own lyrics to deliver powerful songs based on country music, (🎵 you  said i wouldn’t get to far on a  tank of gas and an empty heart🎵〜) it’s a nice 🎤❗ the american country world is incredibly diverse❗🎵 Willie Nelson〜 🎤Lil Nas X(rap)⤴️ etc,