🇺🇸 Made You Look

2022,  Takin’ it Back – Meghan Trainor, i enjoyed watching that colorful music-video ,🎽🩱👠🎵 the feeling of the 50’〜60′ is also  good❗🎵 her uncle , aunt is a soca musician, she is influenced by her uncle and aunt, 🎵(calypso  reggae  soul  hiphop)influence each other . 50’60’ふうな感じのm-ビデオが、カラフルで、観ていて楽しいです🎵❗      

🇺🇸 Save the last dance for me

1960,  Save the last dance for me- The Drifters, Ben.E.King 🎤his song and backing chorus is very  nice🎵 paul seems to have composed the song ‘hey jude’with this image in mind, lyricist:Doc Pomus ,   this is the lyrics he wrote to his beloved wife, 〜🌿 in japan , lyricist ,   Tokiko Iwatani , she turns theContinue reading “🇺🇸 Save the last dance for me”

🇯🇵 楽しき街角🎵

1983,   Soul  vacation-  ラッツ&スター 作詞作曲:田代マサシ、鈴木雅之 楽しくなる曲です🎵 R&B, ドゥーワップ等、黒人の音楽を、歌謡曲風に、楽しく、表現してくれる、素敵なグループです。鈴木雅之さんは、ソロで活躍されてますが、ラッツ&スターは、まだ正式な解散はされてない様です。 40年経った今も、楽しくなるparty songです🎵暑い夏の夜🌉は、楽しいパ-ティへ let’s go〜🎸🎵🥂🎉  

🇺🇸 Sherry

1962,  Sherry & 11 others- The Four seasons, when  i first heard the singing voice, i was surprised,  wow❗🎵 🎤Frankie Valli ‘mine〜’, the way of  singing in the part is powerful❗ 1974,  🎤Paul Da Vinci- the Rubettes, 🎵sugar baby love, Although the times are different, Both are  wonderful  falsetto- Singers in the Popular music🎤🎵