🇺🇸 Sexual Healing

1994, Take your time- Max-A-Million, songwriter:Marvin Gaye , David Ritz , Odell Brown , 〜☘️82′ , midnight love- Marvin Gaye , at that time, he was suffering mentally and physically , the lyrics of this song are not just sexual , but a song that seeks spiritual connection and comfort, 94′ Max-A-Million, they did aContinue reading “🇺🇸 Sexual Healing”

🇭🇲 I should be Lucky

1987, Kylie – Kylie Minogue, songwriter:Mike Stock , Matt Aitken , Peter Waterman, SAW , British trio music team , their sound gave Eurobeat a easy-to-understand melody🎵 they enlivened the pop-dance scene in 80’s 🎤Kylie Minogue, her performance is Vibrant❗i like her performance🎵🐬 🎵The Loco- Motion , her version is good❗ when i first heardContinue reading “🇭🇲 I should be Lucky”

🇺🇸 She works hard for the money

1983,  She works hard for the money- Donna Summer , songwriter:Michael Omartian, Donna Summer, She sang about the poor working hours problem, Onetta ’ she is a waitress in a real restaurant , already a pop-star , she tuned to the working class ,  there is something that leads to rock singers who turn their attentionContinue reading “🇺🇸 She works hard for the money”