🇺🇸 Bluebird

1975,   Will O’ the wisp- Leon Russell, the Blue bird that carries happiness won’t stay there , it’s a good song🎵 it would be nice if i could write a song with melancholy like him 🎵🐬 🎤 Helen  Reddy ,  she also liked this song and covered it,  i like the sound of the slide guitar🎸,Continue reading “🇺🇸 Bluebird”

🇺🇸 Rockin’ Around the Christmas tree🎄🎵

1958, Christmas with Brenda Lee− Brenda Lee, writer: Johnny Marks, Enjoy Christmas with your family🎵, there was always music🎵🥳🎄there, I’m glad that her song is still loved❗🎵 Cyndi Lauper🎤must have loved this song since she was a kid, 1959. Dynamite, what a powerful singing voice❗ Exactly, little Dynamite❗🎤