Music Lovers:🇵🇷 Otra Vez 🇨🇴

2016, Motivan 2 – Zion &Lennox , ft .J Balvin , songwriter:Alejandro Ramirez , J Balvin, this is the song i want to play when driving to the beach🏖️ in summer,   kiss me again〜🎵 the fashion of the three who appear in the MV is also colorful and look good❗ 🎤J Balvin , heContinue reading “Music Lovers:🇵🇷 Otra Vez 🇨🇴”

🇺🇸 Made You Look

2022,  Takin’ it Back – Meghan Trainor, i enjoyed watching that colorful music-video ,🎽🩱👠🎵 the feeling of the 50’〜60′ is also  good❗🎵 her uncle , aunt is a soca musician, she is influenced by her uncle and aunt, 🎵(calypso  reggae  soul  hiphop)influence each other . 50’60’ふうな感じのm-ビデオが、カラフルで、観ていて楽しいです🎵❗      

🇺🇸 Billionaire

2010,  Lazarus-  Travie McCoy , 🎵 Billionaire   ft.  Bruno Mars , rise intention is also cool❗when they sing🎵 it’s a bright expression with no sarcasm❗🎵 it seems that he doesn’t just want to be Rich(Billionaire), he want to be a  Hero and contribute to society 🎵❗ it’s like that🎵❗ 〜  anyway Bruno’s  relaxing and singing is also wonderful❗Continue reading “🇺🇸 Billionaire”

🇵🇷 Me porto bonito

2022,  Un Verano sin ti-  Bad Bunny, ft. Chencho Corleone (Plan B ) ,  this collaboration is nice❗🎵 breathing with senior rapper is perfect🎵 it’s a fascinating music with  various elements,  🎵 latin ,  salsa , reggae, rap🎵🐬 ,  rhythm and emotions grown in the Caribbean  🏝️ i have never visited there, but i Dream of  that place🎵🏖️Continue reading “🇵🇷 Me porto bonito”

🇳🇱 Summer Thing❗🇺🇸

2015,  –  Afrojack ft. Pitbull & Mike Taylor, summer has arrived in japan❗ today is a hot day 🔥 🏝️ i want music🎵 Afrojack❗🎵  he also produced a famous japanese dance vocal group in japan,  (三代目 J Soul Brothers from Exile Tribe ), a talented  house producer💃 his music🎵 anyway, it makes you feel excited, Summer Thing🎵 very good❗ let’sContinue reading “🇳🇱 Summer Thing❗🇺🇸”