🇺🇸Look at me now

2013, Ego- Charlie Puth , songwriter:Charlie Puth , it’s a song for his friends who looked down on him , the melody is a bright and poignant song 🎵❗ ‘‘ i hope you open up〜🎵’’ the falsetto in this part is nice🎤🎵 〜☘️ he loves this song (i heard it through the grapevine – Marvin Gaye ) heContinue reading “🇺🇸Look at me now”

🇭🇲 Summertime of Our lives  

2013, Surfers Paradise- Cody Simpson, songwriter:Ryan Petersen, Nolan Sipe , Toby Gad , summer sea , sea breeze 〜, whistle🎵 , the summer song of memories from ten years ago , for Cody’s summer album , producer Lucas Secon did a great job🎹 〜☘️ Surfers Paradise beach🏖️, Gold Coast, i have never there , but theContinue reading “🇭🇲 Summertime of Our lives  ”

Music Loves:🇺🇸 Girls on the Beach

1964, All Summer long- Beach Boys , songwriter:Brian Wilson , 🏖️ ‘‘ how we love to lie around 🎵 ’’ the sun , the blue sky and the sea , and melody of the Beach Boys , before the sun sets , lying on the beach in summer and looking at girls and couples make me smile 🎵Continue reading “Music Loves:🇺🇸 Girls on the Beach”

Music Lovers:🇺🇸Bermuda

1979, Stargazer- Gordon Michaels , songwriter:Gordon Michaels , Hugh McCracken , it’s a summer song you’ll want to listen to on a beach🏖️somewhere in Florida , 🎵marimba – Mike Mainieri , it feels good🐬 but, the Bermuda sea is a mysterious sea area〜 , Gordon Michaels, he has only one album work , but heContinue reading “Music Lovers:🇺🇸Bermuda”

Music Lovers :🇺🇸Summer’s here

1981, Dad Loves his work- James Taylor , songwriter :James Taylor , it is a relaxing song that makes you fell the beginning of Summer 🏝️ rubber sandals 🩴, straw hat 👒 , cold beer🍺, Greg Fingers Taylor, i like his harmoniaca🎵🐬 夏のはじまりを感じる、リラックスソングです🎵 サンダル、麦わら帽子、冷たいビール🍺🎵🐬 ☘️ episode , 60’〜, his tenure with the record company (Apple Records)wasContinue reading “Music Lovers :🇺🇸Summer’s here”

Music Lovers:🇸🇪 Our last Summer

1980, Super Trouper – ABBA , songwriter:Benny Andersson , Bjorn k. Ulvaeus , it’s a song Ulvaeus made while remembering the girl he met in Paris , in this song, Anni is the lead vocalist, 🎸 Lasse Wellander , his guitar solo in the second half has a sense of melancholy, he was active as ABBA’sContinue reading “Music Lovers:🇸🇪 Our last Summer”

Music Lovers :🇨🇦 Summer Paradise

2011, Get your Heart on ❕- Simple Plan, songwriter:Emanuel ‘E’ Kiriakon , Pierre Bouvier , Charles-andre Comeau , a comfortable summer song with a reggae- like acoustic sound🎵  i like Pierre’s singing and K’naan’s rap🎵 it was the first time they used rap in their songs , and this song has versions in collaboration withContinue reading “Music Lovers :🇨🇦 Summer Paradise”

Music Lovers:🇨🇺 Havana ft .Young Thug

2018, Camila – Camila Cabello , songwriter:Camila Cabello , Young Thug, she fell in love with a bad man, she stays with him even though she regrets it , and she sings 🎵 ‘ my heart is in my hometown ’ people remember home🏞️ when life goes wrong, 〜🌿 the first version is in spanish and sung with 🎤Daddy Yankee🎵

Music Lovers :🇺🇸 Ho Hey

2012, The Lumineers- Lumineers , songwriter:Jeremy Fraites , Wesley Schultz , ilike the sound of the ukulele, everyone can participate in this song by shouting, and singing with shouts makes us feel positive , Neyla Pekarek , she also happily participates in the song ,              ☘️ i feel that their fans are kind and gentle People.🐬

Music Lovers:🇺🇸Marry you

2010, Doo-wops & Hooligans – Bruno Mars , songwriter:Philip Lawrence, Ari Levine , Hernandes Peter Gene, this song is a light proposal song , but , lyrics not suitable for weddings, ‘‘ if we wake up and you wanna break up that’s cool ’’ ‘‘ it was fun girls ’’ but, when he sings it feels meContinue reading “Music Lovers:🇺🇸Marry you”

Music Lovers:🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿Thinking out Loud

2014, X – ED Sheeran, songwriter :ED Sheeran , Amy Wadge, no matter when i listen to it , it enters my body , i feel universality in his songs, and his Song comforts the loneliness of the times 🎵 on stage, he plays the guitar with loop- pedal−effector , (one person two roles), hisContinue reading “Music Lovers:🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿Thinking out Loud”