🇯🇲 Night Nurse

1982, Night Nurse- Gregory Isaacs, songwriter:Gregory Isaacs , Sylvester Weise , producer:Errol Holt , it’s a sexy song🎵 this is a song about the desire of a man seeking healing ? all the men are like patient , 🎤his reggae songs are elegant and charming 🎵 病院は、その様な場所では無いが、 ナースに癒やされたい気持ちはわかる〜🎵 (違う意味の歌詞かもしれないが) 男は、皆、患者の様なもの🎵 彼の歌声がまた、エレガントで魅力的です〜🎤🎵

🇯🇲 Simple Blessings

2017, Simple Blessing- Tarrus Riley feat. Konshens , songwriter:Omar Riley , Garfield Spence , Jordan Gregory McClure , this song sings about the importance of reflecting on one’s family , his singing voice adds depth to entire song , he creates music that inherits the tradition of reggae while also incorporating modern music(hiphop) 🎤Konshens, heContinue reading “🇯🇲 Simple Blessings”

🇯🇲 Jordan River

 (this photo is not the Jordan River)                  1975, Marcus Garvey- Burning Spear , songwriter:Rodney Winston, P. Fullwood , M.Lawrence , Marcus Garvey , he was a leader who advocated for black rights, baptismal river 🏞️ 🌿‘‘ sing happy songs at River Jordan’s side ’’  apart from ideological matters , he also knows the joy of singing together 🎵Continue reading “🇯🇲 Jordan River”

🇯🇲 Untold Stories

1995, ‘Til Shiloh – Buju Banton, songwriter:Mark Myrie, Glen Browne , Donovan Germaine , this song is a cheering song for the poor , acoustic sound conveys a straight message, acoustic guitar- Glen Browne , his guitar and Buju’s vocal are so good🎵 〜☘️he worked hard on the Rastafari movement , after that , heContinue reading “🇯🇲 Untold Stories”

🇯🇲 Country Boy

1975, Cool Rasta- The Heptones, songwriter:Leroy Sibbles ,(74′) the trio’s chorus is a beautiful, warm, pioneering reggae chorus group , 🎵Book of Rules , this song is ironic with a unique expression about a society with a gap between rich and poor , the melody is a bright and beautiful chorus , 〜🌿Even though theyContinue reading “🇯🇲 Country Boy”

🇯🇲 My Kind Girl

2018, Never Ending- Beres Hammond, songwriter:Beres Hammond, Kurt Riley , he laughs a little and sings in a relaxed way 🎵 it’s a reggae song full of tenderness and melancholy, he was 62〜63 years old at this time , he’s aging nicely , 🌿86′ 🎵what one dance can do- Beres Hammond, it is said thatContinue reading “🇯🇲 My Kind Girl”

🇯🇲feel it Boy ft . Janet Jackson

2002, Tropical Storm- Beenie Man, songwriter:Moses Anthony Davis , Chard Hugo , P . Williams , a collaboration between a reggae dancehall artist and a top R&B singer is mesmerizing, this song is a great summer reggae song🏝️with the Neptunes as producer , their producing abilities always amaze me , a masterpiece of hiphop reggaeContinue reading “🇯🇲feel it Boy ft . Janet Jackson”

🇺🇸 Sexual Healing

1994, Take your time- Max-A-Million, songwriter:Marvin Gaye , David Ritz , Odell Brown , 〜☘️82′ , midnight love- Marvin Gaye , at that time, he was suffering mentally and physically , the lyrics of this song are not just sexual , but a song that seeks spiritual connection and comfort, 94′ Max-A-Million, they did aContinue reading “🇺🇸 Sexual Healing”

🇯🇲The Tide is High

1967, on the Beach with the Paragons- the Paragons , songwriter:john Kenneth Holt , Tyrone Evans , a famous reggae song 🎵🏝️ 67′ this year is the year when Bob Andy left the group and the three of them started working together , 〜🌿80′ Deborah Harry jumped at this song and immediately decided to recordContinue reading “🇯🇲The Tide is High”

Music Lovers:🇺🇸 I just want you around

2009, Anuhea- Anuhea , songwriter:Anuhea Jenkins, she’s a beautiful singer who won second place in the Miss-Maui contest🫅🏝️ her mame-Anuhea , it means ‘ cool breeze, scent ’ in Hawaiian ,  it’s just her voice🎵 when she composes , does she model the song on the ukulele ? all songs are comfortable songs with a gentle reggaeContinue reading “Music Lovers:🇺🇸 I just want you around”