🇺🇸Take a Chance

2009, G style- Micah G feat Caleb of the Green , it’s a quiet , reggae song i like the calm and soulful chorus,             this song is collaboration song with main- vocalist Caleb Keolanui (the Green), The Green , they truly love and respect traditional reggae song , and they became a popular Hawaiian reggaeContinue reading “🇺🇸Take a Chance”

Music Loves:🇵🇷Fantasia

2019, NIBIRU- OZUNA , songwriter:Eduardo Vargas Berrios , Ozuna Rosado, his music influenced by a wide range of genres such as latin pop , reggae , hip hop, and rock is truly fantastic🎵❕ 🎵Patek ft. Anuel AA, Snoop Dogg, the collaboration song with them is also a song you want to listens on the beachContinue reading “Music Loves:🇵🇷Fantasia”

Music Lovers:🇵🇷 Otra Vez 🇨🇴

2016, Motivan 2 – Zion &Lennox , ft .J Balvin , songwriter:Alejandro Ramirez , J Balvin, this is the song i want to play when driving to the beach🏖️ in summer,   kiss me again〜🎵 the fashion of the three who appear in the MV is also colorful and look good❗ 🎤J Balvin , heContinue reading “Music Lovers:🇵🇷 Otra Vez 🇨🇴”

Music Lovers:🇨🇺 Havana ft .Young Thug

2018, Camila – Camila Cabello , songwriter:Camila Cabello , Young Thug, she fell in love with a bad man, she stays with him even though she regrets it , and she sings 🎵 ‘ my heart is in my hometown ’ people remember home🏞️ when life goes wrong, 〜🌿 the first version is in spanish and sung with 🎤Daddy Yankee🎵

🇵🇷 Dura 🇺🇸 

2018,  Bum Bum Tam Tam Latino Party(compilation album)- Daddy Yankee, songwriter:Ramon Ayala,  Urbani Mota,                                                      this song  was produced with Los Evo Jedis (Urba&Rome), the music video with the image ofContinue reading “🇵🇷 Dura 🇺🇸 ”

🇵🇷 Me porto bonito

2022,  Un Verano sin ti-  Bad Bunny, ft. Chencho Corleone (Plan B ) ,  this collaboration is nice❗🎵 breathing with senior rapper is perfect🎵 it’s a fascinating music with  various elements,  🎵 latin ,  salsa , reggae, rap🎵🐬 ,  rhythm and emotions grown in the Caribbean  🏝️ i have never visited there, but i Dream of  that place🎵🏖️Continue reading “🇵🇷 Me porto bonito”