🇺🇸 Drown in my own tears

1956 , Hallellujah I Love her so (57)-Ray Charles , songwriter:Henry B. Glover , the original version of this song was sung by female singer Lula Reed (I’ll drown in my tears) in 1951′ , Ray’s piano and singing reach deep into my heart , this song is about a sad heartbreak , but hearing hisContinue reading “🇺🇸 Drown in my own tears”

🇺🇸 Nothing’s Forever (feat. Ty Dolla Sign , Rose Gold)

2022, Hello Poison- Arin Ray , songwriter:Darhyl Camper , Larry L.Jacks ,Tyrone w. Griffin , Arin Ray , the voices of each of the three singers blend together beautifully🎵 , and the fantastic ending leaves a lasting impression , which is great . Arin , Ty Dolla Sign, Rose Gold , 3人の声が溶け合って、美しい〜🎵 エンディングが幻想的で、余韻が残る曲です🎵🐬

🇺🇸 Everyday People

1969, Stand❗- Sly & the family stone , songwriter:Sylvester Stewart , this song is a song with social content, but it is Pop and bright🎵 🎵sing a simple , this song is full of intensely funky grooves🎸 i can’t describe their Soul music in one word, (funk, gospel , R&B) 〜☘️ ‘‘ there is a blue oneContinue reading “🇺🇸 Everyday People”

🇺🇸 Too busy thinking about my baby

1969,  M. P. G-  Marvin Gaye , songwriter:N. Whitfield ,  J. Bradford ,  B. Strong , the female chorus and his singing voice are exactly like the Motown sound 🎵 🌿 initially,  he was hired by Motown as a drummer ,  however,  he stands out as a vocalist 🎤 and  he widened the field in whichContinue reading “🇺🇸 Too busy thinking about my baby”

🇺🇸Take your time 🇬🇧

2008,  Lay It Down- Al Green , feat . Corinne Bailey Rae producer:Ahmir Khalib  Thompson‘‘Questlove ’’ ,  James Poyser ,  two in hip-hop , 🥁 Questlove- the Roots, good drummer, James ,  famous for producing Eric Clapton, the two of them splendidly produced Big senior , 🎤Al and Corinne ,  two singing voice relaxes me ,   thereContinue reading “🇺🇸Take your time 🇬🇧”

🇺🇸 Call me ( Come Back Home)

1973,  Call me –  Al  Green , Gentle and delicate strings🎻and his singing voice make me feel  at ease 🎵 he doesn’t shout,  he sings like a whisper 🎵 he has  Soul Passion🔥 inside , when you want to feel  a calm but certain soul , there is   Al  Green❗🐬 彼は、シャウトしない、ささやく様に歌う、ソウルの情熱を、その内側に秘めて🎵❗    

🇺🇸 Hero

1993,  Music Box- Mariah Carey, Hero 〜 🌿  in  you she sang the japanese commercial song before,  the song of the japanese heart was used for that CM, It’s a song that every japanese knows, 🎵朧月夜(Misty Moon) No way,  we were surprised that Mariah would sing this song❗ her singing voice was indescribably wonderful❗🐬🎵 it seems that itContinue reading “🇺🇸 Hero”

🇺🇸 If I can Dream

1968,  If I can Dream- Elvis Presley, when i listen to the trumpet🎺at the beginning,  my heart gets hot🎵🐬 ‘‘ out there in the dark,  there’s a beckoning candle ’’〜🎵 ‘‘ Let it come true  〜 right now〜’’🎵 2015,  his song revived with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra🎵 Impressive❗ this song is a song of ‘Hope’ that people all over the worldContinue reading “🇺🇸 If I can Dream”

🇺🇸 How Long ( Betcha’ Got A Chick on the side)

1975,  Steppin’- The Pointer Sisters, Paul Jackson ,  his  bass is  so good❗🎵 there are  also  latin and jazz elements, so good album❗🎸🎤 🎹 Herbie Hancock ,  Stevie Wonder, they are participating,  it’s a so  soulful🎵 good sound❗🎵