🇺🇸 Uptown Funk ft Bruno Mars

2015,  Uptown Special- Mark Ronson , it’s coolness that goes through , this song has a cool horn sounds , Bruno’s  dance in the music-video is also good❗ this song was noted for its similarities to those songs (79′  Funk you up- Sequence ,  83′  young Girls- Collage ), his body is steeped in oldContinue reading “🇺🇸 Uptown Funk ft Bruno Mars”

🇺🇸Take your time 🇬🇧

2008,  Lay It Down- Al Green , feat . Corinne Bailey Rae producer:Ahmir Khalib  Thompson‘‘Questlove ’’ ,  James Poyser ,  two in hip-hop , 🥁 Questlove- the Roots, good drummer, James ,  famous for producing Eric Clapton, the two of them splendidly produced Big senior , 🎤Al and Corinne ,  two singing voice relaxes me ,   thereContinue reading “🇺🇸Take your time 🇬🇧”

🇺🇸 a.k.a Heartbreak Hotel(this place Hotel)

1980,  Triumph-  the Jackson , this song is Mickael own work , he made a mysterious song🎵 has he returned to the Hotel to be judged ? this song have been renamed, because  (Elvis- Heartbreak Hotel❩ these two song titles happened to be the same,  this song was sung in live ‘bad world tour’ マイケル自身の作曲です、 彼は、当時から、何かトラウマを抱えていたのでしょうか? 審判を受ける為に、夢か現実か解らないが、辛い思い出のあるホテルへ戻っていった様な内容です、ミステリアスな歌詞です🎵🐬    

🇺🇸 She works hard for the money

1983,  She works hard for the money- Donna Summer , songwriter:Michael Omartian, Donna Summer, She sang about the poor working hours problem, Onetta ’ she is a waitress in a real restaurant , already a pop-star , she tuned to the working class ,  there is something that leads to rock singers who turn their attentionContinue reading “🇺🇸 She works hard for the money”

🇺🇸 Joy to the World

1970,  Naturally-  The Three Dog Night, songwriter:Hoyt Axton, his mother is a famous lyricist, Mae Boren Axton  (heartbreak hotel- Elvis , etc), initially , this song was to be used in an animated children’s show(the happy song) , 🎤Chuck Negron , i love his powerful and soulful Vocals , their played well and became aContinue reading “🇺🇸 Joy to the World”

🇺🇸 Nothing’s Gonna Change my love for you

1984,  20/20 –  George Benson, i love his mature singing voice🎤 pure love song are too embarrassing to sing,  but i really love this song, songwriter:Michael Masser ,  Gerry Goffin ,  good writes🎵❗ they makes a very good song,  🌿 Whitney Houston,  provided songs for her, etc🎵 when you met a  ‘casual ’smile , you feelContinue reading “🇺🇸 Nothing’s Gonna Change my love for you”

🇺🇸 You are the sunshine of my life

1972,  Talking Book- Stevie Wonder , i Love this song🎵🐬 if you meet someone you can cuddle with ,   let’s live together without separating firmly🎵 🌿77,  🎤Ella Fitzgerald , live at New Orleans ,  the two of them sing happily,  my heart softens 🎵🐬famous songs are wonderful no matter who sings them , when orContinue reading “🇺🇸 You are the sunshine of my life”