1979, Spirits Having Flown – Bee Gees , songwriter:Barry , Robin , Maurice Gibb , the lyrics of this song are about feelings of loneliness and sadness , but the melody is pop with a catchy melody , it’s a number with contrasting lyrics and melody, even after disco boom, they maintained their solid musicalityContinue reading “🇭🇲Tragedy”

🇺🇸 Hot Thing

1987, Sign ‘O’ The Times – Prince , songwriter:Prince , this song is a dance floor−friendly pop song that emphasizes sexuality and passion ❗ the beat of this song is funky and jazzy, making it an irresistible song for fans , 🎷 Eric Leeds , his saxophone playing is so Good, jazz- like 🎵 〜 i’m sureContinue reading “🇺🇸 Hot Thing”

🇺🇸these arms of mine

1964, Pain in my heart- Otis Redding, songwriter:Otis Redding , although it is a simple and straightforward love song , it expresses his emotions richly and you can feel his deep Soul , 🎸🎹 Steve Cropper , he plays without losing the feel of the song , 〜🌿when i feel like losing myself, i come backContinue reading “🇺🇸these arms of mine”

🇺🇸 Heal The World

1992 , Dangerous- Michel Jackson , songwriter:Michel Jackson , various problems in the World , poverty , hunger , conflicts, environmental problems , 〜🌿 Now, 30 years later , is the World moving in a positive direction ? Earth is not owned by humans; we are merely inhabitants of this place . 彼は、こう、歌いかけています🎵 存在するだけでは意味が無い、 子供達の、より良い未来の為に、生きよう(行動しよう) と❕

🇺🇸 HalfCrazy

2002, Juslisen- Musiq Soulchild , songwriter:Carvin Haggins , Francis Lai , Ivan o. Barias, Taalib Johnson , this philly Soul sample of Francis’s beautiful music (🎵vivre pour vivre) is stunning, in love, when you take a step foward , new troubles increase and become painful, the pain of love is sung with Francis Lai’s musicContinue reading “🇺🇸 HalfCrazy”

🇺🇸 Master Blaster(jammin’)

1980, Hotter than july- Stevie Wonder , songwriter:Stevie Wonder , it’s a reggae- like song, and it has a thick sound , and it’s not just reggae style , it’s Stevie 🎹🎵 he was the first person in the world to find Bob Marley’s reggae music wonderful and to respect it , truly , (Continue reading “🇺🇸 Master Blaster(jammin’)”

🇺🇸 Buttered Popcorn

1962, Meet the Supremes – Supremes , songwriter:Berry Gordy jr , Barney Ales, 🎤Florence Ballard, her voice was a strong R&B , among the four founding members, she had singing ability , 〜🌿 her personal life in her later years was a tragic one , i wanted to hear more of her singing , pop soulContinue reading “🇺🇸 Buttered Popcorn”

🇺🇸 Nothing Can Change this Love

1965, the Great Otis Redding sings soul Ballads- Otis Redding , songwriter:Sam Cooke, this song is one of the masterpieces of early soul ballads, this song is Sam Cooke’s song , and healed the lovers who were separated during the Vietnam War at that time , Otis Redding sang beautifully with emotion , like hisContinue reading “🇺🇸 Nothing Can Change this Love”

🇺🇸Talking to the Moon

2010, Doo-Wops&Hooligans- Bruno Mars , songwriter:Jeff Bhasker , Bruno Mars, he can sing heartbreak song more sadly than anyone else , 彼は、失恋ソングを、誰よりも刹那く、歌い上げます🎵 〜🌿 この曲の心情を表す様な、月に関連した和歌(←なんで和歌なんだ?)を探しましたが、結局、ぴったりの和歌はありませんでした、(近いものが二〜三歌ありました)、失恋と月、という点において、近い歌がありましたが、西行法師の歌が、気に入ったので取り上げました。この和歌は、主人公が、月でも人でもなく、(悲しい気持ちを隠す)心情そのものを歌っていて、複雑な構成です。恋愛とは無縁のはず僧侶が、 失恋をして月を見ている人をイメージして詠んだ(僧侶本人の恋かもしれないが)様な歌です。 嘆けとて 月やはものを 思はする かこち顔なる わが涙かな  西行法師 百人一首  86 番 『千載集』926

Music Lovers:🇬🇧DFMU

2022, Heart on my Sleeve – Ella Mai , songwriter:Dijon Mcfarlane , Kyle West, Charles Hinshaw jr , even though she knows it’s a dangerous thing, the lyrics are like she’s objectively looking at herself who seems to be drowning in love , the album turned into a modern R&B album with Mustard as producerContinue reading “Music Lovers:🇬🇧DFMU”

Music Lovers:🇺🇸Marry you

2010, Doo-wops & Hooligans – Bruno Mars , songwriter:Philip Lawrence, Ari Levine , Hernandes Peter Gene, this song is a light proposal song , but , lyrics not suitable for weddings, ‘‘ if we wake up and you wanna break up that’s cool ’’ ‘‘ it was fun girls ’’ but, when he sings it feels meContinue reading “Music Lovers:🇺🇸Marry you”