🇺🇸 Tina Tuner🎤

1961, 🎵a fool in love – Ike & Tina Tuner, her shout🎵is powerful❗️❗️ she is also wonderful at this era, but , I was happy that she was released and played solo, 1984, album- Private Dancer🎵 it’s a good album❗️ her solo performance is wonderful, after all, she has the best stage than the studio,Continue reading “🇺🇸 Tina Tuner🎤”

🇺🇸Roberta Flack

1969, 🎵the first time ever I saw your face, 1971, movie- Clint Eastwood, *play misty for me* this song was used as an insert song is a horror movie, her singing voice is wonderful🎤🎵1972, 🎵where is the love, with Dohhy Hathaway🎤 the singing voice of the two is wonderful🎵 she covered 🎵come together, it’s aContinue reading “🇺🇸Roberta Flack”

Music Lovers :🇺🇸 24K Magic

2016, 24K Magic- Bruno Mars , songwriter:Philips Lawrence, Christopher Brody Brown , anyway, the party is going strong⤴️🎵❗ i don’t understand the lyrics full of slang, but it makes me feel good❗ ‘‘head to toe so player ’’ = hopeless player ❔❕ 〜🌿 i saw a video of him singing an Elvis’s song 🎵Trouble when he wasContinue reading “Music Lovers :🇺🇸 24K Magic”

Music Lovers: 🇺🇸Higher Ground

1973, Innervision – Stevie Wonder , songwriter:Stevie Wonder , he played and recorded most of the instruments alone , he sings about reincarnation , ‘‘ i’m so darn glad he(God)let me try it again , because my last time on earth , i lived a whole world of sin, ’’ three months after recording ,Continue reading “Music Lovers: 🇺🇸Higher Ground”